About Woman…Without the end

***About Woman…Without the end ***

About the woman it is already many ,
That a riddle ,that a down,
That a devil in human body …


The Woman – a secret and a torpor
A Hell and a paradise –
all at once!She with a key wields
to man’s heart .Who ” fell in” – this “woe”…

And misters ours –
They just cuddle to us.
It is good to be sometimes up

She’s a flower in the garden.
For the sailing-ship a rudder –
The whole world then!

What wouldn’t write about her –
The truth is , it was , it will be…
Because the woman since ages
Has been associated with happiness ! ;
March 2006 by nureczka

29 thoughts on “About Woman…Without the end

  1. Nora, so true, women are every things for men ! So nicely told about women, it is gratitude for her! Really I salute her!Have a nice day.:coffee: :cheers: :yes: 😀

  2. It is funny that you , a man think so.Men can think different very often, but I'm very glad that you think so and you liked this poem.Have a nice evening.Thank you for the coffee,beer I leave you,because it is for men.:)

  3. Nora, thanks for compliments. My friend, when you justify, forget your own interest and give justification to the subject before you ! Like the dish of food which is before you! we can't ignore the fact and truth! If we try to defy, will have to tell so many lies! Take care, I think you will so quick recover from the nightmare you feeling / experiencing! Good luck.:)

  4. Thank you for your friendly advice and wish.I don't like lies, they can harm more than real wounds so for that I prefer being quiet than tell lies but life isn't too light and many people have nightmares because of bad experiences and not always it is too easy to forget them.Such is the life.But thank you for it.I will take care.Good luck to you too.:)

  5. Hi Nora , according to HINDU MYTHOLOGY , the chain of evolution starts with matter like mountains , vallys , rivers , oceans , earth etc. Which are treated as non living animals. On the next stage are trees , they grow like our nails and do not feel if you cut its branches. Animals are on third stage. They posses emotions and they can sense the situation ltl bit. Human beings are on forth stage they posses both sensory oragns as well as intellect. Conciousness is prime in all human beings hnwever men are at lower stage than the women. Since woman can give birth to child , men cannot. Thus women are complete in this chain of evolution. Just change the direction of thoughts . . . . :yes: you are on the top .

  6. Hi Nora! Am agree with Anirudha, but, women are strength as well as week of men,according to Hindu mythology godess is above all, that is even above the threemoorthi( Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma).only when Sakthi (-ve)joined with Shiva(+ve)there have mobility in the universe.In pure science, there should be proton& electron.

  7. Welcome all of you and thank you for your wonderful comments.This poem is a sample of it what men tell or think of women.How many women are so many characters are among them your Granny – a strong woman – Tyler Parke Young .Women are different like men. Thank you Aniruda for this information of the hindu MYTHOLOGY where the women have their place and I agree with you Pramod that among women there are weak and strong but at once weak and strong too.

  8. You have really done a lot of work over here! Strong women are the lynch pin of a strong society. My late Granny was a good example.:coffee:

  9. Wow, she really was the very strong woman.Probably you will live so long too after your granny and I wish you it. :up: :coffee:

  10. I wish for all friends live more than a century and may come in to the Guinness book of world record!More enjoy the life happy and healthy!:D :cheers: :flirt: :spock: :sing: 🙂

  11. Thank you for such a fine wish and really I would like to live even more than 1000 years.Probably the world would be more interesting than now .:up: :up: :up: :up: :up: 🙂 🙂 🙂 :wine:

  12. I think that it will be more certain.Look only the last 50 years, how many new inventions are,how much the technology changed, and think only about the medicine , how much it is developed and how much it can be develop in the future and far future?? Everything it can be more interesting than now.:) :no: :up:

  13. Nora, I’m not getting any notifications of your posts. Also a lot of other friends, who seem to have gone quiet. Is there something besides “Follow” that we should be clicking on?

    • HI I don’t know b ut probably when you put a post then probably you should mark “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” and then I get your comment but I don ‘t know how it is with the posts.Wordpress is strange. Maybe in dashboard when we public posts then it must be mark “public ” I will see it yet and then I will let you know it. You are right, all people gone somewhere. My Opera was much better .

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