Happy Easter 2015


ڿڰۣڿ❀❤ ڿڰۣڿ 

               I’m WISHING ALL OF YOU
               BUT ALWAYS.

               With the  Easter,I’m sending                                              a lot of spring flowewrs        
               and a lot of sun, warm days
               instead the rains, we’re having
               last time every day.

               Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡ӜƷ Ƹ̵̡ӜƷ







Winter is passing by


Winter is passing by what it means that spring time is coming soon waking from  the winter dream bringing more warm sunny days, flowers,greeness,coming back birds and fresh spring air, but this time here some last winter images yet.






THESE SPARROWS WERE WAITING FOR THE  WARMER SPRING TIME SITTING ON THIS TREE WITHOUT ANY LEAVES and any food or insects.They are cold so they dream of the sun and warm air.







Our World/ Świecie nasz Świecie nasz by Marek Grechuta – one of my favourite singer.

             This song is a desire

             of the prefect world,

             The  world without

            the wars, pain, fear and go on

             but it isn’t perfect, I know,

             because of  the people’s cruelity.   

                       😦  😦   😦

Easter time – the Spring time – The nature’s reawakening!

This time there are varied and numerous of symbols like  fluffy day-old chicks,hares,baby rabbits  and newborn lambs to spring flowers like daffodils,dangling catkins and the arum lilies. Execept of all those emblems of spring  there are the symbol like Easter-eggs  which would be unimaginable like Christmas without the Christmas trees or stocking filled with toys or other gifts. Easter eggs usually are associated with the idea of eternity  and the ancient Chinese used to offer up eggs to their gods in thanksgiving at their spring festivals. At one time, eggs were among the foods forbidden during Lent and the custom arose for people to paint them in gay colours and to give them to friends and relations as a mark of affection and rejoicing  when Easter brought The Lenten fast to an end.                                                                                        

The dyeing or painting of egg-shells is a pleasant custom which is still maintened. All  true egg-gifts in the spring of the year express affection and remembrance,but in addition to these,  they come as a symbol of hope and promise,banishing uncertainty.

In Spring time I like  painting eggs for the  relations or  friends as  gifts.                    Here there are my gifts I made  this year-spring for Easter- a basked with flowers and an egg and same egg.

Easter egg by me

Easter egg by me

the basket is made by me as a gift for my good neighbour

the basket is made by me as a gift for my good neighbour

SAM_2340Maybe they aren’t so perfect like eggs painted by other people, but I like them doing.



Sometimes the kidness and friendship remind the complicated chemical reaction, when  it will be enough only one wrong chosen element and it can be an explesion  so be careful of your gesture,words  with the  your contacts to others. Below it is a recipe for good kidness and what it goes after it a good contacts among the people.

kidness i friendship   a

Fold two hands together
And express a dash of sorrow
Marinate it overnight
And work on it tomorrow.

Chop one grudge in tiny pieces
Add several cups of love
Dredge with a large sized smile
Mix with the ingredients above.

Dissolve the hate within you,
By doing a good deed
Cut in and help your friend
If he should be in need.

Stir in laughter, love an kindness
From the heart it has to come,
Toss with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbor some.

The amount of people served
Will depend on you,
It can serve the whole wide world,
If you really want it to.
~ author unknown ~

I’ve gotted this poem  from our catskitten group in the mail of Joannie Mierzwa


Kitten and a duck
romantic cats
Two white cats
Kiss     LaughingSmile
Animals know how to be kind to each other more often  than people.


The summer views

This summer was enough sunny and warm so I decided to go for a long walk across a village where I found some interesting views to save them on my photos and now I can share them.

The next day I was walking arond KOłobrzeg,visiting the Old Town,seaport and other interesting places.The Perfect place for summer vacations. The city is the health resort because of the unique climate.
It is the old town in the centre of Kołobrzeg at The Baltic Sea and the town hall and in front of it the big rotating water ball where the city’s pigeons can drink water during the hot days.





The flowery swans.


The Parsęta River in the centre of the city.





The old tanks even from the II World War in the Kołobrzeg’s museum and not only tanks.

The old cannons in the museum.

The entrance of the army’s museum

Outside Kołobrzeg.In the past the place was a village but now it is a suburb of the city.I spent there all summer and I could joy my eyes with the nature views. Here it is the sky before coming storm from the sea.



The garden fauntain in the suburb of the city now but in the past it was the separate village.


The street of old village but now the city’s suburb.

The village road.


A path among the fields.

In the same village – An estate with the horse riding place

The wild western for the tourists





The entrance of the wild western for tourists

And last place which I always visit is the sea port because I like the see, ships and scream of seagulls.







And I always regret when the summer passes by and after it it is only Autumn and spring, cold ,many rainy days or freezing days in winter.

Time for spring – winter lasted too long so it can go away now….

The spring has already come

Spring has already come,
together with her various birds,
merrily singing started to build their nests,
some of them came back to place
which they left last year.
in some nests there’s already been the baby birds,
in the fresh green grass yellow marrows lean out the heads,
in some places low-balls their seeds spread,
colourful butterflies drink off from first flowers nectars,
all beings are very cheerful dance
in the spring warm sun rays .



In New Year 2018, I wish to  all of You a lot of health which is needed to all of us,more smile which makes that each day is more beautiful and love because for it we live and thanks to it we are living.




             In New Year I wish Peace within your hearts,

             more beauty of nature around You

             and and a lot of happiness

            and joys every day

            and blessing for the New Year.!





The late spring wildlife and the summer one which was just right on time.

                            This year spring  came very late,
                            I almost lost a hope that it would come at all,
                            but finally it appeared so decided to go
                            and see what  changes were in the wildlife
                            after so long winter.Here some photos of it:

SAM_8254SAM_8183                             Spring is coming but it’s been too late.

                            The nature look poorly yet,not much greeness,

                            only emptiness , even  the birds haven’t  flown here yet.

                            Here I could see some green grass,

                           it meants that spring is coming.


                   On the trees appeared the first young leaves 
                   and one peageon was sitting on the brench
                   wondering  if it is time to set a nest and look for a partner.



                   In the past years , in this pond, there were  many frogs
                   but this late spring  there aren’t any of them.
                   It was only a silnce around .


               This pool was empty too.



Here  there was more green plants and among them  there was  flying a bumble bee and I couldn’t take  a good  photo of  it becauae it was very quickly                   and all the time was changing its place, but maybe you will find it among  these leaves.


SAM_8172Here I could see the first spring small white flowers.



SAM_8170          SAM_8420

Historia Cieszyna 3D – History of Cieszyn 3D


 Historia Cieszyna 3D.  –  The history Of Cieszyn in  the South of Poland.

History written down in the walls  which survived this short-feature document, which we know the colourful history of this city since the begining of the first settlement till today in. Thanks to using the 3D technology we have impression  that together with heros we take part in hunting or we are walking around the Cieszyn Castle’s chambers. The film focuses on the most importanmt events,which had an influence not only the same  Cieszyn city but development of all region.

Sunsets in Kołobrzeg at The Baltic Sea!


The view on  the sunset from the bus durig my way to Kołobrzeg.

Sunsets in Kołobrzeg at Baltic Sea

Kołobrzeg is the nice city and at once a seaport. At the sea, you can see beautiful sunsets, reflect in the water like in the mirror.



The chanel in the seaport where wild ducks, seagulls and swans like spend their lives.I like this place.


The sailships for tourists who  want to sail on the sea.


The beautiful view of sunset and on the seaport  and the sea gate going out in the sea.






A sail ship going  in to the seaport from the sea.







The view on the channel with the lighthouse  and with the moon in the dark sky.





                          H E L P !                                                                 


Pomóż biednym bezdomnym zwierzętom

szczególnie w czasie  zimy!!!!


A Dogs Soul
Translations by
Author Unknown

By Polish poet :Barbara Borzymowska –

The Polish title:” Psia Dusza”


Every dog must have a soul
Somewhere deep inside
Where all his hurts and grievances
Are buried with his pride.
Where he decides the good and bad,
The wrong way from the right,
And where his judgment carefully
Is hidden from our sight.
A dog must have a secret place
Where every thought abides,
A sort of close acquaintance that
He trusts in and confides.
And when accused unjustly for
Himself, He cannot speak,
Rebuked, He finds within his soul
The comfort he must seek.
He’ll love, though He is unloved,
And he’ll serve those badly used,
And one kind word will wipe away
The times when he’s abused.
Although his heart may break in two
His love will still be whole,
Because God gave to every dog
An understanding Soul!


Cats – very inteligent pets.


Hug a dog to the heart and take a cat on your knees,

It will never betray you,it only can love you,

so not many it wants, only some love and something to eat,

Only look at it,isn’t it sweet?

And when you will have a bad day,

You will meet its faithful loving eyes

with its coax and murmur it will calm and cheer up you,

It really doesn’t want so many,

but with the love and faithful it will bestow you,

with its unconditional love,

because it heart is so big;

larger than the same cat or the same dog,

look at it closer exactly,

doesn’t its sad view touch you?

enmoticon                 PuppyButterfly1                                emot2


The human cruelty in the face to animals is horrible,

and the human nature we can know after their relation

to animals.

Therefore also , I can’t call

the many people with the human beings.




My another poem “Sadness”


I Feel, how darkness surrounds me
more and more tightly,
it strangles me ,
and I even can’t move to tear it,
I can not shout even ,
this wrapping darkness strangles me.
I can’t hear a voice,
I can’t feel any one next to me,
I can not see and touch anyone ,                                 and I can’t escape anywhere too,
only this stifling darkness around me
and I only can cry of my helpless,
nothing more,
I know,that being alone,
Everything is without a sense.
By E.M. – noramaj
All copyrights reserved!

My poem “INSOMNIA”


The Sun behind the clouds hides,
I know, that together with the birds
and the wind they will fall asleep
and then I really live,
to sleep I can not just.
I can hear the murmur of leaves
and the wind’s hum behind the window,
even breaths of sleepy round people
and my soul wakes up to life then.
I fear to drop something of it,
I still would like to chase this life.
then it seems me just ,
That when I fall asleep,
Then my life will go away.
Therefore, when all sleep around calmly,
I do not sleep ,I chase my running away life
I would like to more enrich it yet
I don’t want to lose anything’
what it can be kept,
-the hum of the wind behind the window,
-birds’ singing, flowers’ scent in the morning,’
-the blue of the sky,
-moon, stars and the sun
because I will say sincerely,
that I do not believe in the life after the death,
only here and now – when I live,
it happens what it is the most beautiful,
from here this insomnia mine
and this is the happiness of mine,

by E.M.- noramaj

All copyright reserved!


It is so in the daily life
that there are persons who can’t
about themselves decide
because other decide for them
without their knowledge.
I always decide about me on my own
and I have never let anyone to deside for me.
I’m a person who is free
and I care about my freedom
of all my strength,
but I know that there are countries
where women can’t descide on their own,
and only men can do it for them and only what they want.
The Women in their countries ,
don’t have any rights and voices
to tell how they would like to live,
like they would be nobody and nothing,
but I can do everything on my own,
I’m existing in this World as I want to,
I have my civil rights and the voice in many matters
because I’m A FREE PERSON and my own FREEDOM
and I appreciate it a lot !   by E.M. noramaj

All rights reserved

I”M  F R E E   AND  I T   I S  MY  R I G H T  TO   F R E E D O M !!!


Spring is comig.

Spring has already come here!

Spring has already come,
together with its various birds,
merrily singing started to build their nests,
some of them came back to place
which they left last year.
in some nests there’s already been the baby birds,
in the fresh green grass yellow marrows lean out the heads,
in some places low-balls their seeds spread,
colourful butterflies drink off from first flowers nectars,
all beings are very cheerful dance
in the spring warm sun rays .

Beautiful inside out

Exactly like my loved she – cat named Gunia.

Beautiful inside out.

Royalty Free Stock Photos: Bee

Royalty Free Stock Photos: Bee.

free_4985178 BeeBees collecting nectars  and produce honey of them but there are other collecting flying creatures which love nectars but don’t produce honey of them.  For example  that wasp  as you can see loves nectars too.
SAM_9191SAM_9189SAM_9188SAM_9186or beetles, wow they love nectars very much and then when they are collecting it, it is bettes to don’t be to close to them.

SAM_9085SAM_9084SAM_8964Beetle SAM_9086Beetle SAM_8963BeetleSAM_8868Beetle SAM_8867Beetle SAM_8851BEE  and flying lovers of nectarsAnother bee collecting nectar from those mallows.