Sometimes the kidness and friendship remind the complicated chemical reaction, when  it will be enough only one wrong chosen element and it can be an explesion  so be careful of your gesture,words  with the  your contacts to others. Below it is a recipe for good kidness and what it goes after it a good contacts among the people.

kidness i friendship   a

Fold two hands together
And express a dash of sorrow
Marinate it overnight
And work on it tomorrow.

Chop one grudge in tiny pieces
Add several cups of love
Dredge with a large sized smile
Mix with the ingredients above.

Dissolve the hate within you,
By doing a good deed
Cut in and help your friend
If he should be in need.

Stir in laughter, love an kindness
From the heart it has to come,
Toss with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbor some.

The amount of people served
Will depend on you,
It can serve the whole wide world,
If you really want it to.
~ author unknown ~

I’ve gotted this poem  from our catskitten group in the mail of Joannie Mierzwa


Kitten and a duck
romantic cats
Two white cats
Kiss     LaughingSmile
Animals know how to be kind to each other more often  than people.


My another poem “Sadness”


I Feel, how darkness surrounds me
more and more tightly,
it strangles me ,
and I even can’t move to tear it,
I can not shout even ,
this wrapping darkness strangles me.
I can’t hear a voice,
I can’t feel any one next to me,
I can not see and touch anyone ,                                 and I can’t escape anywhere too,
only this stifling darkness around me
and I only can cry of my helpless,
nothing more,
I know,that being alone,
Everything is without a sense.
By E.M. – noramaj
All copyrights reserved!

My poem “INSOMNIA”


The Sun behind the clouds hides,
I know, that together with the birds
and the wind they will fall asleep
and then I really live,
to sleep I can not just.
I can hear the murmur of leaves
and the wind’s hum behind the window,
even breaths of sleepy round people
and my soul wakes up to life then.
I fear to drop something of it,
I still would like to chase this life.
then it seems me just ,
That when I fall asleep,
Then my life will go away.
Therefore, when all sleep around calmly,
I do not sleep ,I chase my running away life
I would like to more enrich it yet
I don’t want to lose anything’
what it can be kept,
-the hum of the wind behind the window,
-birds’ singing, flowers’ scent in the morning,’
-the blue of the sky,
-moon, stars and the sun
because I will say sincerely,
that I do not believe in the life after the death,
only here and now – when I live,
it happens what it is the most beautiful,
from here this insomnia mine
and this is the happiness of mine,

by E.M.- noramaj

All copyright reserved!


It is so in the daily life
that there are persons who can’t
about themselves decide
because other decide for them
without their knowledge.
I always decide about me on my own
and I have never let anyone to deside for me.
I’m a person who is free
and I care about my freedom
of all my strength,
but I know that there are countries
where women can’t descide on their own,
and only men can do it for them and only what they want.
The Women in their countries ,
don’t have any rights and voices
to tell how they would like to live,
like they would be nobody and nothing,
but I can do everything on my own,
I’m existing in this World as I want to,
I have my civil rights and the voice in many matters
because I’m A FREE PERSON and my own FREEDOM
and I appreciate it a lot !   by E.M. noramaj

All rights reserved

I”M  F R E E   AND  I T   I S  MY  R I G H T  TO   F R E E D O M !!!


“THE PAIN OF EXESTING”- my new poems



The largest pain then the pain of existence,
the pain of loneliness,
with every day more difficult to carry away,
the pain of soul of suffering without understanding,
the lonely fight about every moment of life,
about belief in me and the sense of life,
about the sense of this existence.
For what this fight,
when at the end nothing is,
only death and nothingness
and the whole ages of oblivion.

By E.M.- noramaj
27 of September 2009

What is the life?,
I do not know really,
I’ve lost it
when I began living,
I hid somewhere deeply
on the bottom in oblivion
all past days.
I want to live now
only with this what it is,
what every day
happens to me,
though, this is not this
what I wanted to have.
today, I can go with only this road,
though, I do not know ,
what it will meet me
at the end of it,
how many turnings
will come to defeat to me,
but I know surely,
that some day
this road will finish,
and only death
waits at the end of it.
By E.M.- noramaj
27 of September 2009



I’ve lived yet,
though I don’t feel anything,
In my heart is only the huge sadness
and enormous sorrow’
The pain and suffering my heart fills,
I ‘ve lived though I don’t feel anything ,
I am how dead,
though my heart beats yet,
I wait though I don’t know for what,
only dreams stay and in them better life.

The next night comes,

however It doesn’t let me sleep

and when I fall asleep at the end
my bad dreams persecute me,
I am alone in them,
Around there isn’t anything
only remaining sadness and tears,
loneliness and  no happiness
though I  want  it  so very hard,

why it hurts so much,
and maybe it will be the time
when I stop missing it?
I do not know,
no one can tell anything,
what does it  leave to me?
only to fall asleep to forget
and never to wake up..

noramaj – E.M>02.05.2009



The Sun is for many men”

The sun is for many men,
the most ordinary thing in the world.
And yet it makes wonders of every day
It lights the light every morning.
Wishing the happy, good day.
It wakes the spring.
From trees it obtains the grow green
And it sprinkles the flowers
With the colour in the meadows.
Without the sun all becomes gloomy and cold.
Together with it gathers colors and warmth.
There’s the same with the love.
When love wakes up in the life,

It gets brightly and warmth,
And all feel well.
When the love dies in the life,
Then it appears gloomy shadows,

Darkness and cold.
Love is like the sun.
This one who it mastered
Can give up with many matters.
Who feels its lack,

This one feels lack of everything’
by> Phil Bosmans>