13 thoughts on “Some new photos of this winter.

  1. How are you after your journey to India? Have you go the photos on your blog or somewhere else? Could I see some of the most interesting? Do you remember?Once I told you that :heart: I visit the world by photos.

  2. Nora,my dear,they are already there…two posts devoted to India.Just come and have a look.And I will give a link to see others later,ok?

  3. Thank you Jill.I guess that in your country you can see such views too?HI.Yulenka.I have watched your photos from India.You took so many them that (417)that I needed much time to see them but I was surprised seeing the white cow nearly in the room smelling flowers on the table and I was surprised seeing you on the motorbike.I knew that you drive a car but a motorbike not.Are these motorbikes were yours?All photos were very interesting and places you could see very nice too.

  4. Originally posted by noramaj:

    Thank you Jill.I guess that in your country you can see such views too?

    yes, but the only icicle left is in my freezer, put there for preservation by my daughter 🙂 – everything else is now spring!!happy Easter, Nora. ❤

  5. Thank you. Happy Ester to you Jill too. These photos are from March but now it is spring too like at you.This icicle left in these photos.

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