If only you wanted
I would be Your echo
When you call me with
the wind what together
with the storm breaks off itself
When in the street
You sometimes pass me
I believe in this
that dream will fulfill

Maybe yet
You don’t know about this
Maybe yet
I have to try more

But if only you wanted
To help your imagination
You would be able to notice me
at last On your road .

I will be Your breath
When you finish to run
with the Tree which
will give You the shadow .
The City is waddling me
Crowd of men draws in
You are next to
So already near

Maybe yet
You don’t know about this
Maybe yet
I have to try more .


14 thoughts on “IF YOU ONLY WANTED

  1. Nora, Instead of " IF ONLY YO WANTED" plz correct it as 'EVER WITH YO" B'cas always dedication should be come first then only requirement,

  2. I would like to correct it like you suggest but these words of the song aren't mine only the songwriter so I can't change anything in this text.I only translated this song.But can you tell me if this song likes to you?

  3. So I can only be very glad that I have inserted this video on my blog to make some pleasure to to you too to watch it and listen to it.

  4. Nora Even though i can't understand the meaning of the lyrics. it is too melodious, I could feel its depth through picturing and graphics, a marvelous combination, as in the videos ,the melody& lyrics may immersed each other to get a good combination, I think so.if the nature(god) is created a +ve & -ve or male & female in each to understand each other like there will be a +ve &-ve in all, to immerse. may be lyrics and melody, Thank you

  5. The text of the second video titled "Gdybyś tylko chciał" is translated below the video so you can understand what this song is about. The first video titled"Bo taka piękna miłość" – it means in English "Because such a beautiful love" isn't translated yet but I can translate it in English too to be able to be understood too. But you are right, even you don't understand the words , you can understand what this song is about , and besides of , you can enjoy with the melody too.

  6. You see that our languages nearly similar thanks the legend of three brothers.I had this legend on my blog but it disappeared somewhere. Do you know this legend? If not I will tell you when I will have more time.But I have an illustration of them.They are three brothers.Lech set Poland,Rus set Russia and Czech set Former Bohemia but now Czech Republic

  7. No, I've never heard this legend, but I'll try to find out it at the internet. I know, you haven't much free time but thank you for your help and picture! Sometimes I'll read this story. I think it will be very interesting and informative!

  8. :love: :love: Hi my dear lightting freind i miss you so much ..This reminds me when iwas so young ..i like this song('BECAUSE THE LOVE IS SO BEAUTIFUL' )I LOVE IT ,it is So So So Beautiful .I imagine this voice is yours nora and i wish you will be Always happy ….and i will be the same if you are ..Because you have poetic spirit

  9. Welcome Faez. You haven't been so long.How are you? I'm very glad that you think it is so beautiful.I like it too.I have many so beautiful songs.Regret that you don't live in my country , you would listen to them too.But sometimes I will insert a song you will be able to listen to it, especially for you.Have a good time.


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