“ I would like To fly ” The zoodiac sign of TAURUS

” I would like To fly “

I would like to fly
In the perfect world,
I really would like
To fly like a free bird
High in the sky,
What it would be
the most wonderful,
To see everything
what it is beautiful,
The blue of the sky ,
Blue waters of the oceans
The green of the gardens
and all beautiful nature,
And the highest mountains,
I would like to fly everywhere
Where I could see all of these
What it is worth to see,
During the day and at the dark night,
Being close the sun and the stars,
To feel the wind gentle wrapping me
with its warm blast air,
and I hope, that
it would be the most amazing time,
if I would be able to start to fly
Just right now.

E.M. noramaj-
19.October 2009

But my wing isn’t just right to fly now.
But it hasn’t been well yet
so I feel like a bird with the broken wing,
who can’t fly though it desires it so much
It only can try to fly running around,
clapping with this broken wing in vain,
so I know that still isn’t the right time
to fly for it like for me now and besides of it ,
My birthday also coming now,
so it means that ,
it for the Taurus’s isn’t the good time
So I would like to sleep it away .

If you are a Taurus so here there’s a horoscope for you.

I’m a Taurus so my birthday is on 16th of May
so it means that I will be a year older and hate it.
Why the time doesn’t stay in the same time and place???
I don’t know but I would like
it would be all the time
the same .What wonderful it would be,

but it isn’t

14 thoughts on ““ I would like To fly ” The zoodiac sign of TAURUS

  1. Dziwne, mnie działała. Może chwilowo coś padło. Albo spróbuj ściągnąć? W sumie nie jest to żadna rewelacja, ale kiedyś bardzo mi się podobało i ta melodia do mnie wraca.

  2. many many happy returns of the day, Wish you Happy birthday, why the time doesn't stay in the same time and place,because, then only we have to remember our past, don't you fell quite boring being only in present ?:love:

  3. HI YUlenka.I thank you for your mails and a message and for all wishes and photos.I will answer them when I will be back,now I'm just going out.To your garden you will able to have more flowers in this spring time.

  4. Hello pramod .Thank you for your memory and wishes.I don't like to remember the past I want to think of the future but when I will be older so future it will be shorter.But many thanks and have a nice day.Hi Darkest Hour.Thank you for your wish.Of course it can be good but for men. Maybe Men don't care how old are they.You possibilities for future are bigger than women . Besides of , for women youth is more important but thank you for your opinion.:)

  5. Nora, We should have to remember our past sometimes, then only we can know about our future when it comes,whether it is sweet or bitter. Have a nice weekend filled with full of joy& Happiness

  6. Nora, I have no knowledge about your birth day and date. Sorry for being late. It is pleasure that still you are at the place that you can enjoy this birth day, it is God's wish that you live long long life and we also wish you happy , not only happy but with good health, healthy long life for many many years and enjoy the sweet cak on this precious event. I pray that you will fly very soon in the beautiful sky like birds and enjoy. Night is waiting for day and day is known for shiny light of the Morning Sun, that divine light may shower your all wishes.

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