The Sun is for many men”

The sun is for many men,
the most ordinary thing in the world.
And yet it makes wonders of every day
It lights the light every morning.
Wishing the happy, good day.
It wakes the spring.
From trees it obtains the grow green
And it sprinkles the flowers
With the colour in the meadows.
Without the sun all becomes gloomy and cold.
Together with it gathers colors and warmth.
There’s the same with the love.
When love wakes up in the life,

It gets brightly and warmth,
And all feel well.
When the love dies in the life,
Then it appears gloomy shadows,

Darkness and cold.
Love is like the sun.
This one who it mastered
Can give up with many matters.
Who feels its lack,

This one feels lack of everything’
by> Phil Bosmans>