“THE PAIN OF EXESTING”- my new poems



The largest pain then the pain of existence,
the pain of loneliness,
with every day more difficult to carry away,
the pain of soul of suffering without understanding,
the lonely fight about every moment of life,
about belief in me and the sense of life,
about the sense of this existence.
For what this fight,
when at the end nothing is,
only death and nothingness
and the whole ages of oblivion.

By E.M.- noramaj
27 of September 2009

What is the life?,
I do not know really,
I’ve lost it
when I began living,
I hid somewhere deeply
on the bottom in oblivion
all past days.
I want to live now
only with this what it is,
what every day
happens to me,
though, this is not this
what I wanted to have.
today, I can go with only this road,
though, I do not know ,
what it will meet me
at the end of it,
how many turnings
will come to defeat to me,
but I know surely,
that some day
this road will finish,
and only death
waits at the end of it.
By E.M.- noramaj
27 of September 2009