It is so in the daily life
that there are persons who can’t
about themselves decide
because other decide for them
without their knowledge.
I always decide about me on my own
and I have never let anyone to deside for me.
I’m a person who is free
and I care about my freedom
of all my strength,
but I know that there are countries
where women can’t descide on their own,
and only men can do it for them and only what they want.
The Women in their countries ,
don’t have any rights and voices
to tell how they would like to live,
like they would be nobody and nothing,
but I can do everything on my own,
I’m existing in this World as I want to,
I have my civil rights and the voice in many matters
because I’m A FREE PERSON and my own FREEDOM
and I appreciate it a lot !   by E.M. noramaj

All rights reserved

I”M  F R E E   AND  I T   I S  MY  R I G H T  TO   F R E E D O M !!!