Our World/ Świecie nasz Świecie nasz by Marek Grechuta – one of my favourite singer.

             This song is a desire

             of the prefect world,

             The  world without

            the wars, pain, fear and go on

             but it isn’t perfect, I know,

             because of  the people’s cruelity.   

                       😦  😦   😦

8 thoughts on “Our World/ Świecie nasz Świecie nasz by Marek Grechuta – one of my favourite singer.

    • The same to you. What about the song. Is it sounding nise to you? It is almost like a prey about the world with joy,how to loose all the pain and cry,sedness,how to catch the bright thoughts and how to find the fire in eyes which shows the life’s goal, and it is about the question to the world, how we can be together with it its bright and its power. What is its answer? The world – give us the agreement,peace,but take our destruction ,look for the way where among the fire which wakes up our fear,the world- lead us to the peace where it is safe. and so go on.So I treat it as prey to the world to give us more peace,less fear and pain. The song is really nice.It is a pity that you can’t know Polish, you would be able to understand, what it is on mind and what feel listening to it. But you can listen to it too, though and enjoy with it. Greetings.

      • With regards, have to say, it is true, have no idea about POLISH language. I read your para above you drafted. I appreciate for explaining. We need peace in all forms for short lives and must prevail peace every where, that we wish and pray. But find it here it is only lying in literature, but in real there is no peace, even if we wish to stay in peace, others are not agree to keep us in peace.
        Thanks , nice theme of the song and desire.
        Have a peaceful time, God bless you.

      • You’re right But we can desire the peace so we can show our desires in poems, songs or as you told in literature. I wish you a peaceful time too.

      • Always we desire positive for peace,towards peace in poems or in literature,and also in our actions, sure will bring dynamic result in our life. Thanks for replying. Wish you enjoy peace from your inner and enjoy peaceful life. Blessings!!!

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