Easter time – the Spring time – The nature’s reawakening!

This time there are varied and numerous of symbols like  fluffy day-old chicks,hares,baby rabbits  and newborn lambs to spring flowers like daffodils,dangling catkins and the arum lilies. Execept of all those emblems of spring  there are the symbol like Easter-eggs  which would be unimaginable like Christmas without the Christmas trees or stocking filled with toys or other gifts. Easter eggs usually are associated with the idea of eternity  and the ancient Chinese used to offer up eggs to their gods in thanksgiving at their spring festivals. At one time, eggs were among the foods forbidden during Lent and the custom arose for people to paint them in gay colours and to give them to friends and relations as a mark of affection and rejoicing  when Easter brought The Lenten fast to an end.                                                                                        

The dyeing or painting of egg-shells is a pleasant custom which is still maintened. All  true egg-gifts in the spring of the year express affection and remembrance,but in addition to these,  they come as a symbol of hope and promise,banishing uncertainty.

In Spring time I like  painting eggs for the  relations or  friends as  gifts.                    Here there are my gifts I made  this year-spring for Easter- a basked with flowers and an egg and same egg.

Easter egg by me

Easter egg by me

the basket is made by me as a gift for my good neighbour

the basket is made by me as a gift for my good neighbour

SAM_2340Maybe they aren’t so perfect like eggs painted by other people, but I like them doing.


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