The summer views

This summer was enough sunny and warm so I decided to go for a long walk across a village where I found some interesting views to save them on my photos and now I can share them.

The next day I was walking arond KOłobrzeg,visiting the Old Town,seaport and other interesting places.The Perfect place for summer vacations. The city is the health resort because of the unique climate.
It is the old town in the centre of Kołobrzeg at The Baltic Sea and the town hall and in front of it the big rotating water ball where the city’s pigeons can drink water during the hot days.





The flowery swans.


The Parsęta River in the centre of the city.





The old tanks even from the II World War in the Kołobrzeg’s museum and not only tanks.

The old cannons in the museum.

The entrance of the army’s museum

Outside Kołobrzeg.In the past the place was a village but now it is a suburb of the city.I spent there all summer and I could joy my eyes with the nature views. Here it is the sky before coming storm from the sea.



The garden fauntain in the suburb of the city now but in the past it was the separate village.


The street of old village but now the city’s suburb.

The village road.


A path among the fields.

In the same village – An estate with the horse riding place

The wild western for the tourists





The entrance of the wild western for tourists

And last place which I always visit is the sea port because I like the see, ships and scream of seagulls.







And I always regret when the summer passes by and after it it is only Autumn and spring, cold ,many rainy days or freezing days in winter.

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      • I know I checked it and I noticed toy you are right so I’m checking post by post and comment to them and order them when it is necessary to it would be ok and it takes some time for correcting when it is mixed and of course I try to find how to transfer my photos.One of the founders of My Opera trying to help us and set the new site called vivaldi, first for mails and then for blogs , I saw it, it is simple yet but he tells that he works on it to develope it . I registered to that site to see how it is and I think that when he improves it than maybe it will be an alternative to My Opera. Here the link to that vivaldi for blogs, you can see my first test of using that place for our blogs from Opera. – for mails from Opera with all contacts and the link for blogs :

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