The late spring wildlife and the summer one which was just right on time.

                            This year spring  came very late,
                            I almost lost a hope that it would come at all,
                            but finally it appeared so decided to go
                            and see what  changes were in the wildlife
                            after so long winter.Here some photos of it:

SAM_8254SAM_8183                             Spring is coming but it’s been too late.

                            The nature look poorly yet,not much greeness,

                            only emptiness , even  the birds haven’t  flown here yet.

                            Here I could see some green grass,

                           it meants that spring is coming.


                   On the trees appeared the first young leaves 
                   and one peageon was sitting on the brench
                   wondering  if it is time to set a nest and look for a partner.



                   In the past years , in this pond, there were  many frogs
                   but this late spring  there aren’t any of them.
                   It was only a silnce around .


               This pool was empty too.



Here  there was more green plants and among them  there was  flying a bumble bee and I couldn’t take  a good  photo of  it becauae it was very quickly                   and all the time was changing its place, but maybe you will find it among  these leaves.


SAM_8172Here I could see the first spring small white flowers.



SAM_8170          SAM_8420

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