8 March

                                   Of this occasion

                I wish all the best to all Women in

                                   the world!



    • I think so , I was at the Baltic sea . the weather was very nice ,
      quite warm as in this season of the year, sunny.
      I took some photos.When I put it on the computer I insert them on the blog
      so You will be able to see them and In recorded one video with swans in sea.
      And what about you? How did you spent that day?

      • Oh I had a wonderful day with my family and do you know .I was inviteted for dinner in a restaurant ….NO cooking lolo that day

  1. HI eva. So it means that you spent nice day among your friends and what it is the most important that you didn’t have to cook but only ejoyed with that day, having much joys. I had only some relax at the sea among seagulls and swans enjoing with the sea, fresh ,clean sea air without any allergens. Wow , what A fantastic air and sun after so many rainy days.May day was wonderful day as you though different. Lol. Have a nice evening.

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