The end of our planet on the 21st December 2012, fiction or fact?

Since the certain time, many prophecies appear telling about the end of the world on the 21st December 2012, because of the Mays calendar which has just ended on this date. To those discussions there aren’t any ends. According to different prophets , the Majas predicted the end of the world and so its total extermination.
However, they are some people who tell, that Majas only announced, according to their calendar, the end of the next epoch but not our world .Interpretations of this prophecy are the most different, but let’s concentrate on facts! The calendars of Mayas were based on incredibly exact investigations of their sky, the next periods in their calendars marked only the entry of our solar system in the new astronomical epoch!
At present, we are in certain constellation of Fish and we are passing over to the constellation of Aquarius and it means that the Mayas calendar only marks that it’ll change the position of the celestial equator on the celestial sphere! This has not a meaning for our life on our planet! There are also such people, who attribute this extermination to the crashing of the mythical planet about the name NIBIRU with our planet. Alegedly, Nibiru crashes with the Earth every 3600 years ! – This fib it shouldn’t need to translate.

I have a hope that everyone reading it has enough imagination to guess that two s
bodies about those sizes can not crash more than once!
Does it exist such an object, larger than asteroid, which can happen to the Earth?
Can a planet crash with our planet in 2012?
As astronomers tell – NO!
All planets are in stable orbits. Some ones tell, that it will happen the change of poles of the Earth.
However, this change of the Earth Poles nor a hitting of the other planet is not possible though, tomorrow it will fly a planetoid near the Earth but not to close to it to hit it. .
Only what can happen this the magnetical changes of the Earth what it means the change of magnetical Poles only, but it doesn’t threaten to the extermination of the world, and this is the fact that it is completely normal event in the history of our planet. It happens every 11 years. The last one had a place in 2001. However, it did not cause an extermination of our planet.
And it isn ‘t a reason to a fear!!! It only means that Mayas’ calendar shows the end of one period and starts the new one. That’s all.

                                   Why is it ending in 2012?           
Animation1                               Because it wasn’t enough place for more.

How will it be we can go and see on Friday.
Only one end of the world what can happen, then the end of each of us but in different time and of the different reasons.
We do it to each other by ourselves or it happens so of our biology and for it we don’t have an influence for it at all. O h…. a moment , for biology we can’t influence, for different natural events too, but we can protect ourselves against other bad people’s activities to us or other accidents.


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