Autumn has gone, Winter has come and with it a lot of snow and cold!

The sad greyness of Autumn's gone away,
The white Winter's come quickly after her ,
With the frost and snow She greeted us,
with light snow petals She wrapped up ,winter
every tree,every house and a bush,
with the cold wind's help,
She has stretched out around
the white carpet on the whole ground,
Through the closest months,
for warm not giving any chance to us,
after the colorful Autumn's leaves
It didn't leave a trace on the ground,
I'm treading after this white carpet
and I'm dreaming of the green grass just now.
I'm hiding my freezing face in the warm scarf,
I'm walking calmly through the winter park,
I wonder, what it will be the next day,
I've still walked ahead of me,
round about emptily and very quietly,
where do I drive? where do I rush?
I even don't know what I do here
in this winter night,
dreaming of the summer park
in this cold snowy night.

8 thoughts on “Autumn has gone, Winter has come and with it a lot of snow and cold!

  1. WElcome You Eva and thank You for visiting. I wish You the same and the New Yar would be better for You than the old one. All the best in NEW YEAR 2013.:) 🙂 :heart: :p :up: :wine: :wine: :coffee: :coffee:

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