My another poem “Sadness”


I Feel, how darkness surrounds me
more and more tightly,
it strangles me ,
and I even can’t move to tear it,
I can not shout even ,
this wrapping darkness strangles me.
I can’t hear a voice,
I can’t feel any one next to me,
I can not see and touch anyone ,                                 and I can’t escape anywhere too,
only this stifling darkness around me
and I only can cry of my helpless,
nothing more,
I know,that being alone,
Everything is without a sense.
By E.M. – noramaj
All copyrights reserved!

My poem “INSOMNIA”


The Sun behind the clouds hides,
I know, that together with the birds
and the wind they will fall asleep
and then I really live,
to sleep I can not just.
I can hear the murmur of leaves
and the wind’s hum behind the window,
even breaths of sleepy round people
and my soul wakes up to life then.
I fear to drop something of it,
I still would like to chase this life.
then it seems me just ,
That when I fall asleep,
Then my life will go away.
Therefore, when all sleep around calmly,
I do not sleep ,I chase my running away life
I would like to more enrich it yet
I don’t want to lose anything’
what it can be kept,
-the hum of the wind behind the window,
-birds’ singing, flowers’ scent in the morning,’
-the blue of the sky,
-moon, stars and the sun
because I will say sincerely,
that I do not believe in the life after the death,
only here and now – when I live,
it happens what it is the most beautiful,
from here this insomnia mine
and this is the happiness of mine,

by E.M.- noramaj

All copyright reserved!