It is so in the daily life
that there are persons who can’t
about themselves decide
because other decide for them
without their knowledge.
I always decide about me on my own
and I have never let anyone to deside for me.
I’m a person who is free
and I care about my freedom
of all my strength,
but I know that there are countries
where women can’t descide on their own,
and only men can do it for them and only what they want.
The Women in their countries ,
don’t have any rights and voices
to tell how they would like to live,
like they would be nobody and nothing,
but I can do everything on my own,
I’m existing in this World as I want to,
I have my civil rights and the voice in many matters
because I’m A FREE PERSON and my own FREEDOM
and I appreciate it a lot !   by E.M. noramaj

All rights reserved

I”M  F R E E   AND  I T   I S  MY  R I G H T  TO   F R E E D O M !!!


Spring is comig.

Spring has already come here!

Spring has already come,
together with her various birds,
merrily singing started to build their nests,
some of them came back to place
which they left last year.
in some nests there’s already been the baby birds,
in the fresh green grass yellow marrows lean out the heads,
in some places low-balls their seeds spread,
colourful butterflies drink off from first flowers nectars,
all beings are very cheerful dance
in the spring warm sun rays .