Beautiful inside out

Exactly like my loved she – cat named Gunia.

Beautiful inside out.

Royalty Free Stock Photos: Bee

Royalty Free Stock Photos: Bee.

free_4985178 BeeBees collecting nectars  and produce honey of them but there are other collecting flying creatures which love nectars but don’t produce honey of them.  For example  that wasp  as you can see loves nectars too.
SAM_9191SAM_9189SAM_9188SAM_9186or beetles, wow they love nectars very much and then when they are collecting it, it is bettes to don’t be to close to them.

SAM_9085SAM_9084SAM_8964Beetle SAM_9086Beetle SAM_8963BeetleSAM_8868Beetle SAM_8867Beetle SAM_8851BEE  and flying lovers of nectarsAnother bee collecting nectar from those mallows.