The summer views

This summer was enough sunny and warm 
so I decided to go for a long walk 
across a village where I found some interesting views 
to save them on my photos and now I can share them.
It is the old city of Kołobrzeg at Baltic Sea. 
The.Perfect place for summer vacations. The city is the health resort . 
because of the unique climate. 
The old city after renovating of the same city as above. 
The sight on the old town in Kołobrzeg. 
The view on Old over 750 years old Cathedral in Kołobrzeg 
The old cannons even from the II World War in The Kołobrzeg’s 
The entrance of the army’s museum 
The old planes and tanks in the army’s museum 
Outside Kołobrzeg.In the past the place was a village but now it is 
a suburb of the city.I spend there all summer and I could joy my eyes 
with the nature views. Here it is the sky before coming storm from the sea. 
This is the statue of the aviation in my  
The garden fauntain 
The to of one house in the suburb of the city  
The porch of the same house as above  
A village road. 

A field of cereals 

The garden entrance 
The same entrance of the garden but late in the evening 
A domestic dog in better conditions than the village’s dogs. 
A garden decoration 
An estate with the horse riding place 
The wild western for the tourists 

The entrance of the wild western for tourists 
A village road I was walking along for a long walk 


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