16 May – it is my birthday today.

100 years

Today it is my birthday,I didn’t remember it at all.My computer remembered me about it so I wish myself a hundred years of life and even more wouldn’t be a mistake.I was born in the spring time, when flowers start blooming,around there are green trees,bushes and grass are green too, some days are warm but there are some cold days too like today.Because it is the Sophia’s name day, so we call it the Cold Sophia. On this day, it is always cold. Despite of it, I went for a long walk to the Big Park like people call it and I call it The Wild Park because now it is neglected and nature took it in its possession so it is wild again like a real wild forest.I Took some photos of that walk and I made a video, but it was very cold and windy and in addition it tarted raining, so I had to go back home. First, I wanted to wait somewhere under a tree but the rain was too heavy so I decided to run home very fast to hide against the rain and cold. The sky started to be dark, full of low dark clouds, the park became gloomy then of the dark and hum of the rain hitting the leaves was very noisy and it was very unpleasant. Here there are some photos of the that wild big park looking like a forest, where I decided to spend my BIRTHDAY.
S7004647in the park
89730675 szafirki

I bought a small elephant with the green trefoil as a gift for good luck for my birthday. Maybe it will brings me this good luck, because I don’t have it in my life too much. And it is sad to me.

For  happiness


31 thoughts on “16 May – it is my birthday today.

  1. Hi Nora :)How are you,dear?I wanted to invite you to my pages to show something ;)I was writing it mostly for you! :heart:

  2. Thank You very much.Now I'm ok. Of course, I will visit your page. You always have many interesting stuffs and I'm grateful to you for them.:heart:

  3. HI.Of course it would be fine to see all those wonderful places on my own eyes but it is wonderful that I can see all those places though with your eyes and for that I'm very grateful to You. 🙂 :heart: :up:

  4. Nora slonko =.przepraszam przegapilam Twoje uyrodziny ale zawsze Ci zycze wszystkiego najlepszego….lepiej pozno niz wcale:-}buzziaki

  5. A dzięki. Jeszcze zdążyłaś.Maj jeszcze trwa.Wszystko na czasie Ale dzięki za pamięć i życzenia. MOże jeszcze wspólny toast?:wine: :wine: :up: 🙂 🙂 :heart:

  6. A wiesz nawet akurat mialam winko wczoraj w tym czasie jak pisalam zyczenia:-}czyli toast byl ale wspolny jak najbardziej:wine: :wine:

  7. To fantastycznie. Ja też miałam troszeczkę wina co znaczy, że robiłyśmy to samo w tym samym czasie z tej samej okazji to tak jak byśmy były razem.No, to sie nam udało.Czyli rzeczywiście toast był.:wine: 🙂 😆

  8. To fantastycznie. Ja też miałam troszeczkę wina co znaczy, że robiłyśmy to samo w tym samym czasie z tej samej okazji to tak jak byśmy były razem.No, to sie nam udało.Czyli rzeczywiście toast był.:wine: 🙂 😆 zatem miło było, szkodz,że się skończyło.W takim razie do następnej okazji i następnego toastu.

  9. Dzięki za życzenia ale przydałoby sie i 200 lat.Świat jest taki piękny i nie chaciałABYM WĄCHAĆ KWIATKÓW OD SPODU.wOLĘ OD GÓRY.aLE TOAST MOŻEMY WZNIEŚĆ.I JAK SIĘ MÓWI LEPIEJ PÓŹNO NIŻ WCALE.dZIĘKUJĘ BARDZO.:) :wizard: :wine:

  10. :doh: Życzenia spóźnione , ale szczere 🙂 . Dożycia co najmniej stu lat w zdrowiu i pogodą ducha . :wizard: :coffee:

  11. Hi dear.Just passing by to send you a kiss ;)Sorry,my dear,I cannot write as I want to write for you.at least one week more.Too much work and too many other things to do.Days are like crazy! But I think of you 😉

  12. Welcome you and thank you for visiting me.I understand how it is when it is to much work.In the past I have had too much work too and each day was crazy but now I have too much free timeand I would like to have crazy days again and much work.I think of you too. Good luck at your work . Till you have it you can be lucky and I wish you to be lucky all the time. now good night and sweet dreams.:)

  13. I could opened ur blog only on today, As i told u earlier I can't open it, is b'cas, I was tried with google chrome, but today, when I tried with again opera, I could, I have gone through ur words, Anyway a late wishes, ur words are so lovely& photos are charming

  14. Hi Pramod.It is sad to hear that you have a problem with my blog but if you have the link I sent you try with this link each time.Maybe did the problem disappeared now?I'm not too often on Internet now .I'm not at home but from time to time when I will be at home I will answer to you.Now Thank you for your memory of me .Have a good day.:)

  15. Hi,dear! I am so sorry to be late to congratulate you.I wish you this luck, Nora! You really need it.I remember you all the time.And I want you to be happy!

  16. Welcome jumakhan baluch and many thanks for wishes and so funny images. Best wishes to you too.:) :up: :heart:

  17. Hi dear Yulenka. I'm very surprised that you remembered about my birthday, I personally forgot about it and I am very grateful for your memory of it and thank you very very much and I believe that when you wish me good luck then it must come true.I'm very happy seeing you to my page. I wish you good luck and a lot of happiness to for every day for all year every year and more very interesting journeys yet.:heart: :heart: :heart: :p :up:

  18. Nora,dear…it is too much! 🙂 I was not in Opera for a long time and now I am so rear here, but I always remember you and I still have dream to see you one day in reality 😉 Good start of the week, Nora!:heart:

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