The collection of photos in slide

All May and some days in June were rainy,cloudy
and cold but two days ago , the weather was very nice,
warm and sunny.It wasn’t nearly a wind so I decided to go
for a walk outside the town.Around , everything was green
and colourful of wild flowers and not only on
the way but when I was passing by the gardens I
could watch the beauty of different flowers too.
Though , I didn’t have a camera with me I could take
some photos with the mobile phone.
I even managed to shoot a bee flying to a poppy.

Maybe , it isn’t visible at once in the
photo but if you look at it more carefully on the right side
close to the poppy , you can notice it.Because I took many photos,
then I decided to make the slide to put all the photos adding
Enya’s song to have more pleasure watching the slide.

43 thoughts on “The collection of photos in slide

  1. Nora,It is so beautiful video! All birds, flowers, plants , greenery and last song! So nice and adorable! You are master artist! It touches my heart! Wonderful work. I like it. Thanks.

  2. I just can see the first pic, not the slide and the video . :)But I bet you it is the best . . :yes:Missed you around nora :love:

  3. Hi Risis,Hi Azis. I'm very glad that you could share with these photos of nature.I love save such pictures of nature to joy my soul and I'm glad that you like them too.Risis I miss you too but you know that when I have a problem I'm not often anywhere till the problem passes by.But I'm glad that you wanted to visit me.Thank you for that. Kisses for your daughter. This fairy for her with the best wishes.

  4. piekne slajdy:-}naprawde robisz dobra robote tutaj!! :yes: :yes: fajnie,ze troche sloneczka bylo bo z tego co wiem duuuuuuzo padalo i padalo w Polsce:-}buziaki sle i wiecej sloneczka zyczeps.egzamin w piatek 😉

  5. A witaj,nie tylko padało ale i zalewało ponad miesiąc aż 14 województw na 16.Do dziś w wielu miejscach stoi woda.Wiele domów nie nadajae się do zamieszkania już.Przedsiębiorstwa z zalanych terenów chcą zaskarżyć Rząd Polski o odszkodowania i to duże.Odezwę si póżniej ,bo w tej chwili mam na razie cześć.:)

  6. w nastepny piatek i teoria najpierw a w sierpniu praktyczny…oj ja taka narwana jestem i juz sie nie moge doczekc a tu trzeba na spokojnie..

  7. Dlaczego nie razem teoria z praktyką? Nie jesteś narwana a nawet gdyby to trochę szalenstwa nigdy nie zaszkodzi a właściwie jest potrzebne,żeby się poczuć lepiej.Nie przejmuj się.Będę trzymać za Ciebie kciuki. Obiecuję.Przysły piątek.Hi Azis.Thank you for your wish and I wish you the same.

  8. God May shower His topmost blessings over you and make you stress free for ever and fulfill your all wishes!!!:)

  9. thank you-test was`nt very difficult indeed:-} 🙂 still the most important thing is pass practical:-}hope soon…thank you very much for the encourage:-}all the best for you too 🙂 !!!!!!!!!

  10. hey wpadlam sie pochwalic,ze teoria zdana bezblednie:-}.Zeby podejsc do praktycznego musi byc teoria zdana najpierw-no to teraz sie ustawiam na praktyczny jeszcze nie wiem kiedy…oj coraz blizej:-}co u Ciebie dawno nie gadalysmy…

  11. ohh that`s very nice thank you!!!!well I were just told Nora about my theory test I have passed and getting very excited to get a car:-}lol

  12. It is wonderful that you are having the high IQ !!! Congratulation and wish you always win more and more !!! Hope again you try for one more car!!!:) :yes: :cheers:

  13. Welcome both of you , Monika and Azis. Monika , you love roses so look how a beautiful rose Asis sent here. He is really a gentleman. Thank you Azis in Monika's and my name for this rose,.Monika ,When exactly will you pass this practical test?I know that in August but which day?I regret, I can't pass my practical test yet, and the valid term passed by too so I will have to pass again it.It is horrible but now I won't.I was at the hospital and I got another blocade and in a month the third blocade and when they won't help so another operation after vacation.Like the doctors told such demages I caught are treated even for 2 years so my driving exams go away the far future.It isn't good for me.I have been tired with this all treatment without a success.But I think that you will pass your driving test and buy this car.

  14. Originally posted by noramaj:

    He is really a gentleman.

    Nora, thanks for your hearty compliments for me. I am grateful for your kind wordings. wishing you pass through the great exam of operation and other treatment so successfully and enjoy the same life like a flying bird and swimming duck! Specially I pray for you. God may give you quick recovery and meay enjoy as before! Here I also send good wishes to Monika, too.:) :yes: :cheers: :flirt:


  16. Nora, wishing you always bright stars to twinkle on your roof and change the period you facing and make you smiling like blossoming red rose !:) :cheers: :yes: :coffee:

  17. Thank you for you so wonderful and poetical wish and now I'm smiling though not like blossoming red rose but I'm trying with such wish it is more easier.:) :p

  18. NOra, if you make up mind to cheer, is more easer! Every things depends on mental psychology. May your psychology help you to cheers!:)

  19. I'm enjoying.It is very interesting view, especially now, in the summer time.The view of winter with the falling snow can be very nice when it is sunny and warm around. Thanks for this ice view.:) HOt coffee will be just right here now.:coffee:

  20. NORA, GOOD MORNING, wishing you stay smiling and enjoy with the situation , have a pleasant day,:coffee: :cheers: :yes: 😀

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