MOURNING!The 10th of April. Accident of polish plane with the highest official with the president,s couple on the head.The head of Polish country does not live. The President Lech Kaczyński got lost in air catastrophe under Smoleńsk. With him it got lost 95 persons together with thie First Lady, the highest commanders of Polish Army and the front representatives of Polish policy

“Every our day is one great unknown quantity.
We’ve never known what it will happen in next moment,
and despite of this we stubbornly aim forward .
Because we trust.Because we believe.”
Their desires got lost in the fog
Their hopes also burnt in the fog
and the thoughts the wind threw the field
It shortened lives in tree’s greenness

And only in the field stayed memory of them
and the fog fell, it’s already been the dew
and silence passed over heads
these ones who these souls bade good-byes

About my Nation ,Poland mine
lhow many dramas Your part
you bid farewell these who today
in History of cards enrolled…

And we are the same
in the mourning blackens entangled
and we bow our heads in sadness
the tears meaning our days of renovation…

Why men can’t value this one, what they have…
They run around for impossible, for wealth,
possession, and beauty…
This all loses the sense in face of danger ,
that life can go out suddenly,
Also to finish so suddenly,
as the wind puts out with the gust of the flame of a candle…

When it turns out, that all what we did ,
what we reached up to here,
there is no large meaning,
what sense has our life then?

Maybe it is something worth to stop in this crazy run
To make think,If really something has such a meaning,
in order to to forget, that we are first of all the men…
Sentenced on sojourn with ourselves in this world
we should help ourselves, to help to survive,
to make all what is in our power ,
in order to to inflict joy, to facilitate
and to doesn’t make any difficulties
and It is already so twisted the life…

Every moment of life, then the passage across the bridge,
which finishes something and something begins.
And it is worth to stop to value these unique, happy moments
These who live with a hope can see further.
These who live the love can see more deeply.
and these who believe in others cab see in different light .

25 thoughts on “MOURNING!

  1. I'm so sorry for your president sis ! :(I heard it on news . . Kinda bad tragedy ever . .I hope your folks can thru this . .And may God always bless you all :angel:

  2. Noramz, Our feelings are with you and with your beautiful country.God may give peace and right place in the Heaven. He also give courage to their akin and people of The Great Nation. God Bless You.Aziz.

  3. Всё дело в том что я баюc.Завтра я буду в балъницы.Но ТЫ бытъ как солнце дла меня.Поднимаещ меня на дыщи.И Я благодарю Тебя за ето.Я заговарю Тебя когда я буду снова дома.Спокойный ночи.моя дорогайа Юленка :heart: :heart: :angel: Welcome Dacotah and Maryam.It is very nice of your side to visit my blog.Thank you for your wishes,Best wishes to you. :heart: :heart: :angel: Hello John.You are right ,Polish people are always strong like the Polish history shows.Thank you.And good night to all of you.

  4. This is such a heart breaking tragedy for Poland. I am heart sick with you. All my prayers for your country and your people!!!:love: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  5. Nora,deeply sorry to hear this piece of bad new,we have no choice…… God gives us everything freely and arranges every little thing in his plan.Sorry…God's blessing the unlucky people and the rest as well.just say a prayer for them and for the alive ones. :king: :heart: :queen:

  6. dear Nora, I am so sorry for all you and your country went through and continue to mourn in this most difficult tragedy. God bless you.

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