To cakes on Your holiday table
will gave a concert so sweet, as every year,
to Easter little hares will not grudge You gifts
Yet joyful Easter will be a mainstay of love for You

Let weather of spirit acompanies You
In trouble of every day.
a lot of happiness to each day
in the day of this spring holiday .

21 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER

  1. Happy Easter,Nora. Sorry I did not write you for a long time.Please,write me when you have time just few words how are you.I know it is not easy for you to write.I have double holiday this weekend. Tomorrow is my birthday 😉

  2. Thank you,dear.Nora,I am glad you will have help at last….but you always wait for it for such a long time! ….Unbelievable!My only best wishes to you,my dear! :love:

  3. Thank you Yulenka. You know , our health services works very bad because of the limits putting by the Health Found for different health speacialists and hospitals so patients must wait very long in long queaues to be able to be treaten.It is terrible but it is true. Best wishes to you too.Thank you pramod and Happy Easter to you too.

  4. С пасхой Норочка!!!!!Пусть она пудет днём,начиная с которго удача будет бегать за тобой,а не ты за ней!Целую!

  5. Спасибо.Ты знаешь как добавить бодрость. Я Хотела бы, чтобы уже бегало за мнои.Теперъ наоборот, то я пробую бегать. Но после всего я думаю, что так будет как Ты говоришь.Целую Тебя тоже. :heart: :flirt:

  6. Всё обязательно будет хорошо! Жизнь состоит из полос.Чёрная…белая…твоя чёрная очень длинная…осталась только белая…подожди неного…обязательно придёт! и надолго,может навсегда!

  7. Nora, I liked your graphics so nice, and also the poem. I wish you the same Easter for the next year far better than this. Good luck.Aziz.

  8. Nora, I liked your graphics and beautiful Easter poem. I wish you enjoy the next easter as you enjoyed last, more better than that. Good Luck. Aziz.:)

  9. Welcome Jill and thank you your spring wish.I wish you the beautiful and successful spring too.:heart: :angel: Hi.Aziz.Thank you for your kind opinion and nice wish.The same to you.

  10. Thank you very much.Very nice.This flower looks like a paradise bird and stars like straight from the heaven. I wish you the same..Thank  you

  11. Smiling  emoticon  with  a  flower
    Thank you for memory.I still have gone for rehabilitation BUT THIS week I won't because my rehabilitated will be on her leave so I will be at home but then I will be back on rehabilitation.What about your work on the song and the problems? Is it ok now? In this photo, you are with your son?Something for him.Keep yourself warm. JAMNIKI

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