“Alice in Wonderland ” the Film 3 D by Tim Burton

“Alice in Wonderland “

“Alice in Wonderland “-Production: Walt Disney Pictures,
Roth Films, Zanuck Company, Team Todd, Tim Burton Productions, USA – All in technology 3D like AVATAR by James Cameron.
In the Burton’s film , we can find the same magic world, which Alice visited as a child, however, the “Underland” was understood as the bad word ( the Underground) and she thought, that it meant “Wonderland” ( the Land of Charms).Today, Alice is 19 – is going to the crazy rabbit whole again and despite of that she does not remember her previous previous adventures in the Land – meeting its occupants again – mad Hatter, smiling Cat from Cheshire, Lord Caterpillar Absolema, the beautiful White Queen and her revengeful older sister, Red Queen.
When Alice was the small girl, she ran over for The White Rabbit, she fell into its hole and she found suddenly in the fantastic and somewhat odd world where fabulous creatures lived like speaking animals and singing flowers, and occupants celebrating not – birthdays. Now, Alice is already 19 years old and she comes back to this unusual land, to to meet former familiar again.
Tim Burton (“Eduard the scissors-hands”, the “Batman”) -undertook the bewitching the world perfectly well-known from the two Lewis’s Carroll books ,the “Alice in Land of Charms” as well as “Alice after second side of mirror”. Linda Woolverton created to this fantastic production the script which stands for success of ” The lion’s King”. The young Australian actress of Polish origin-Mia Wasikowska , in title part, will perfom . However, Johnny Depp in Mad Hatter’s figure will
embody ..Alice…. was waited for former the “Alice in Land of Charms”, variation on subject of the Lewisa’s Carrolla work which went out from under the hand of the largest sorcerer of cinema- Tim Burton’s ( the”Juice with beetle”, “Batman”, “Rotting young unmarried woman”). I’m waiting for this film too.It will be performed in my country on the 5th of march 2010,but first in the capital of city so I suppose that it will be in my region,somewhere, maybe in April or May but it will be.To this time I have only red a the book and watched some different cartoons so I’m waiting for this film especially that it will be in 3D so I supposed the interesting special effects


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  1. But I don't have any.They are very expensive and they can be bought in the cinema.I have 80 km to the cinema so I would go there by train or by car but by car it is too expensive too.It isn't good.

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