The NEW Generation Movie AVATAR

The film of new generation – 3 D. – "A V A T A R" – Directed by: James Cameron

Many cinemas in my country were closed because of the lack of viewers
especially in smaller towns.But I think that this film by J.Cameron is the new generation kind of film which can pull more viewers to the cinemas especially i these smaller towns which can't offer any entertainments for their citizens.Now in such towns there aren't anything to do or to see in free time especially for young people so only one activity for them is drinking an alcohol or destroying
public things like windows of the shops,dustbins or benches.These ones who can swim and like swimming they can go to the pools where they are or can go playing football.Except these activities there aren't anything else.
Such kinds of movies like AVATAR can change this situation and help open cinemas again to get more entertainments as well as to young people like and the older one.The movie in 3D version make that the viewers feel like they would be in the centre of the action,the
animals,plants look like they would be alive only to reach them with
the hand , to feel the wind or the scent of the flowers.The special
effects are really fantastic.I think that you would like this movie
like me especially these ones who like S-F movies.

In this film starring except new actors as well known ones too
Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez
. The theme of the film? – In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na'vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Those from Earth find themse…… "Great blue" 3-metre blue cat steals through through overgrown with the gigantic trees jungle, which lights up multicoloured rays. The green magma of vegetation seems to absorb the hero together with unparalleled in zoological albums creations hiding in thickets, Jake Sully (Only Worthington) opens eyes … in………..


21 thoughts on “The NEW Generation Movie AVATAR

  1. HI Yulenka,Hi Taconne, You are right .It is fantastic.Yulenka I think that you won't regret.You know it when you will see it.Have a good fun. :up: 🙂

  2. Usual film isn't the same like 3 D. You really should go there where they play 3d version than you will know what difference is between this versions.In 3 D you will feel like you would be in the centre of the scene, for example in the jungle you would feel like would be there in real jungle,like you would touch the flower , the plant and the sound is around you like in the life. :p

  3. Hi,dear.Pity,we came to cinema today and move was not 3D there.We wanted to watch 3D.So…tomorrow or day after tomorrow,but we will watch for sure!

  4. hi,dear.During this time I was not on your pages I manages to see this movie twice :)I can tell you that I was impressed a lot!The movie is really wonderful.Very well done,beautiful and magic!And wonderful love story…I was really in shock after watching it. One of friends of my son said that I remind him blue woman.It was the best compliment I ever heard! :)Nora,you must see it yourself!

  5. Welcome you Yulenka.I told you that this movie is amazing and you can be very delighted a lot when you would watch it.I read about it and I watched different scenes of this film on TV and the comments of the same James Cameron and actors about the way of recording and showing parts of this film.I was delighted with it a lot too.I would like to watch it in the cinema but in my town there aren't any cinemas but I would have to go there to Multi Cinema to Koszalin but there aren't the suitable trains or buses so I have troubles with it.I hope that maybe one day it will be in Kołobrzeg so then I will be able to stay at my sister so I will be able to watch it in the cinema.The whole film won't be very quickly on TV .I guess.Oh , I wanted to tell you that the Driving Centre changed me this date of my driving exam on the 15th of January at 10:45.I didn't believe that it would be possible but it is.Hurray!!!. 🙂

  6. Thank you for your congratulations. I'm trying to believe that it will be fine but what it would be the time will show.I must only wait. 🙂

  7. Without a change. She has taken this medicine but now the vet told that she can have this operation to the end of January but it will be hard operation though he told that with it she has a chance bigger then now.I don't know what to do.I've been afraid of it a lot.I thank you for your interest. :heart:

  8. Yes, you are right but I'm afraid that I can lose her too quick then.The vet fixed the date at the end of January. First ,He will make an X-ray of her lungs her and if they will be clear then tells that he can make this operation to her. 😦 :cat:

  9. I don't think of money,the vet told that I can pay it in rates even all year.He would wait.It isn't a problem for him because when he sees that someone want to help to animals so then he even helps without money if this person wouldn't have money at that moment and they can pay later or in rates when this animal would need this help.It is a young vet – the animal's surgeon buthe is really very sensitive.He comes from the vet's family.His parents are vets too. And he told that if it wouldn't be a chance to make her life longer he wouldn't propose this operation.But you only can imagine that my fear is of her life is very big racional.. :cat: :worried: :yikes:

  10. Dear Nora.The thing is that this her problem with health is a painful one. And if you can help any way,or even to try to help-you must do it. Of course you can loose her,but maybe it will help and you will prolong her life for more.Think of it.I know that it will take some money…but…

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