Where you will not look –
everywhere it is white
A lot of snow has fallen around
on the trees, roofs ,shrubs and lawns
so put on caps and scarves.
The time of holidays approaches,
So send of this opportunity wishes.
to birds, trees and friends
with the wind and the petals of the snow.
Then ,look in the sky
you will find your star there
before this winter holidays,
maybe ,it will fall in your hands
and fulfil your the hottest dreams.
And if it will fall the gold one
remember then, – to thank nicely
then your wish would fulfil,
which it was your the hottest dream.
E.M. 2009 December 20th



  1. Nice, Last year you quoted regarding the stormy winter ever you had. hw about this yr? Anyway my wishes for a happy merry christmas and New year.

  2. Last year winter came very early but this year it came a week ago but at once very freezing.Last night and this night together 32 people got frozen up for death .The temperatures are – 15 degrees C at nights and -12 in the days.2 days ago I took some photos when I was on the train going to my driving curse so maybe they aren't too good but they show our winter.

  3. Thank you.Tomorrow I will take another photography so I insert them too you would be able to see them ,ok?See you tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Jenny says hello to youlong time no see :Dhow are you today?Merry Christmas & Happy new year to you and your family.today Jenny learns to speak vietnamese and english on her own with some words…. very funny.she opens her toy and speaks after the voice word by word….btw, she got new pictures on the occasion of season of greetings, pls take a look on her albumhave a good time.jeromeMerry Christmas & Happy new year!

  5. Hello Jenny, Hello Jerome.How are you? I would like to hear Jenny speaking in Vietnamse and English at once.It really must sound funny.You can record her speaking and upload in Jenny's corner and then I would be able to hear her speaking.Thank you for your greetings.Merry Christmas to JENNY AND TO YOU.

  6. HI.Pramod. Today the frost twisted its neck and the temperature was + 1 and it was raining and snowing at once. But it is the snow yet though it is melting gradually but for snowballs enough.

  7. And I thank you for your very nice wish.Another image of winter with a lot of snow.When you don't live in such place with the winters so this view can show you what winter looks like in such places like mine.But I have closed windows.It is cold.:p

  8. beautiful it is snowing out,a great senerio, nice location to looking out and carving poems in mind . Thank you NOra. What abt Christmas Eve & Holidays

  9. I'm glad pramod that this image avoked such feelings at you and it pleased to you.Yesterday I was in the town and I have taken some photos of the main square at night but was back home quite quickly. It was to cold to be too long.I spent this time at home.Thank you. 🙂

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