What is it more important to You ? – MONEY OR FREE TIME?

What is it more important to You ? – MONEY OR FREE TIME?
At the beginning of last century , some men thought ,that the men would have more free time and wouldn’t need so a lot of work together with the technical development and later computers . .,that all of them would have more free time .It was believed , that the technology would cause ,that everybody only would do what they would have wanted to do , that they’d rather occupy with the art or satisfying of their own needs of the spirits or the minds. How did those expectations of men fulfil ?It has happened the violent development of technology and economy and however men work more and they have had much less time.One therefore that they have earned small money and they have had to work heavily and more to be able live,keep their families and have the roofs over their heads , others work more because the carriers are the most important for them and they do all these works with the cost of their own free time, and yet others , because they love money a lot and they have work to have it more and more continually.No one do work to have more free time .We people , prefer or we need money more than free time.
I know,that in the times of economic crisis we apply the special weight to possession of work,which allows us to satisfy the needs of daily lives.Keeping the works are very hard for many men and if we will lose them then we will spend a lot of time on finding them .Free time isn’t counted then.We very often have no time nor for ourselves nor for our families, we are more stressed out , we get ill of this reason more also.This many hours’ effort robs us of all pleasure of the lives and we being on our bed of the death do not regret ,that we had no the work , but that we had no anything else too. The excess of works the cause ,


heart  diseases,alcoholism,

depressions and also suicides.It was noticed of many deceases and the road accidents of the reason of the overworking.We should think how to keep the balance between the work and rest. Our motto should be ” To work to live but not to live to work “,and so to pay more attention to protect our physical and emotional health and also to find more time for ourselves , families , rest and the more of pleasure of our lives.
I know , that many families tie hard the end with the end , and that thanks the present of financial and economic crisis it is very hard to find good works and it is the largest problem to change something , but will it be once possible ??? Will something change with more far development of civilization technology in this situation????
So many questions and no many answers.
It even can write a big book on this subject and still the problem
wouldn’t be solved.

44 thoughts on “What is it more important to You ? – MONEY OR FREE TIME?

  1. Here in the U.S., there is plenty of work that needs to be done, and plenty of money. But most of the money is concentrated at the top of the pyramid, and trillions of dollars are wasted on war-making, so there is not much money left to pay people at the bottom of the pyramid to do the things that need to be done. As a result, our infrastructure decays and people become desperate — all but the 1% at the top.This is a political problem, of course. Just as the human body needs a heart to circulate the blood, the economy needs a mechanism to circulate the wealth. Everyone would then have a minimum standard of living, and people could afford to do more volunteer work and creative work.Unfortunately, most people have lost the ability to think about politics or take an interest. This creates a void that is filled by the big corporations. So political problems go unsolved and the world of our dreams disappears. We end up like slaves on a global corporate plantation.This doesn't have to be. We can have a future still. But we have to work for it — by connecting with others and thinking for ourselves.

  2. I think we prefer to have more money to spend our free time better way. We'd can live having few and do not work,but not everyone will agree with it.We want our life to be better,to be able to do or to see more.It is the reason of life….to develove,but not to exist as a plant.

  3. Babylon will fall…it is falling. Man`s greatest passion is greed. When all the Governments, and Nations yake the cash system away, what will ones do then? Our founding forefathers created this United Snakes of America. They came here and told about the Bible. I believe in the Bible, however I do not know if something was wrong with thier brains. They faught thier own for freedom,and yet they had slaves.I prefer freedom over money and wealth. It is something that cannot be bought. Ask a holocaust survivor if they put money above all other things in life.Sometimes to be just loved is worth more than anything.

  4. Greedy are those who have enough and want more and more…but those who are trying to live better cannot be named greedy.They just need money to fulfill their wishes.Is it bad?

  5. Welcome all of you and thank you for all your opinions. All it is true.Your opinion show that how many people are there are so many opinions on this theme.Each of them are true.It isn't bad to work and earn money to want to live better and protect our future lives in case different unexpected situations,to protect our lives and needs but it is true that there are people who make money even on the death body too though they won't take it to their graves cheating a lot of usual people like and it is in all political systems without any excepts and it isn't good for more people, -usual, everage people.Most of them must work like the slaves for very small money and it means that they must work too much,never rest and always very poor,and others haven't a job at all and waste a lot of time in vain looking for their jobs. Free time isn't important then.But when the technology started to develope it was told , that it will be very well for most people and they will have a lot of free time and it is fulfiled .Most people have a lot free time though they don't want it because they don't have jobs and money too and without money the life isn't possible since the Phoenician invented money.A lot of happiness in your dayly lives and good luck in keeping the balance between the job and having the free time for resting and making things which you want.

  6. Yes, at night like at the moment but I should sleep too.My kitten is sleeping at moment too after taking medicine so I have a little time for resting.But I'm tired and nearly sleeping so in some minutes I'm going to sleep.It is 1:24 after midnight so good night my dear friend and sleep well too.

  7. Oh,I thank you very much and I would like to be able see this wonderful blue sky.I will be waiting for this moment but now I'm watching this very nice sky here.You are really know what I need now the best.:heart: Have a good time.Good night Yulenka.

  8. In my opinion a work and a free time are very important.A work is assigned to human, always and forever. Without the work, people haven't got any money, satisfaction and hope, that leave the world a better place than it is approached. Of course politicians manipulate and use taxpayers' money , so we must fight with injustice.


  10. DEar Nora………. more free time means more time to spend, to spend more ,more money required, to attain more money people become more selfish, which leads to cruelty,better to not be cruel, less money less time and always be patient.

  11. I'm very glad for your opinion Ani and pramod.Everynthing should be balance.Too much money make of people unsensitive for everything and selfish.Of course, we need as well money and free time too.Have a nice time and good luck in keeping balance in everything – money and free time to enjoy it.

  12. Nora , aaplyala bhetnyachi khup icchha hot aahe , pan aapan poland madhe mi mumbaimadhe ! Baghu ishwarachi manat kay aahe. Aniruddha

  13. Yes, Nora: I believe in such a balance.Healthy people do not need a lot of money — just enough to live comfortably. For them, life is about having time to love and learn and grow, not about making money.Of course, in our political system, this balance has been destroyed. A few people have BILLIONS of dollars, and the rest have almost nothing. The ones who have nothing become desperate for money and lose their desire to love. The ones who have billions become drunk with money and power. Imagine what happens to an animal when all of the blood collects in one place. The animal dies. The animal needs a way to circulate the blood. It needs a heart.Our economy is like that animal. We need a way to circulate the wealth. Once the money gets to the top of the pyramid, it needs to come back to the bottom. Otherwise the economy stalls and everyone suffers, even the billionaires. With their greed and stupidity, the rich and powerful are destroying the base of the pyramid. When the base collapses, the top falls too.

  14. HI Ani.Thnak you for your comment.I'm sure that it must be good but I don't understand anything and if you would be so kind and translate it to I would be very grateful. 🙂 HI Zonist.The lack od balance is in my country too.There aren't many people with big money and working only for money or use their workers as slaves to make much bigger money but many people don't have enough money or job at all to live comfortable and save but they have a lot of free time though they wouldn't have this free time but they would like jobs. 😦


  16. Thank you for your translation. But thanks the fate we can meet on Opera even we live far away in different countries and we can exchange with our opinions and thoughts too. It means that it isn't anything bad what can be good.Have a good time Ani.

  17. I love your blog id pictures, Nora!What is it more important to You ? – MONEY OR FREE TIME? Imagine what life was like living in a fertile land 10,000 years ago: Nature provided food and trees for shelter and fig-leaves for clothes. Human needs were met, and everyone had no shortage of free time.Today, many human needs go unmet, and people are forced to slave just to survive. It seems like things have gotten worse, not better! How can that be? The system gives us NEITHER money NOR free time.Huge scientific advances have occurred in the last 10,000 years. The standard of living should be rising, not falling. In fact, with all of the advances, we should now be able to have BOTH money AND free time. Instead, we have neither. It is time for us to demand a better system. We deserve better!

  18. That's true.In these systems we have no money neither free time and most people work like slaves and I'm afraid that it won't be better.Of,course, in the deep past it was enough to have fig leaves for the cloth,trees for shelters but we should supposed something more with development of technology but not get back to the past but go ahead in the future,better future for everyone of course who want to it.I don't think of so called "blue birds" who like living without doing anything waiting when something will fall from the heaven and "the pigeons would fall in the mouth but I think of usual people who want for their jobs get honest money to be able to keep their families and on their holiday use their free time like they would wish.But it isn't so.Very sad.Oh.Thank you for your nice opinion of my blog and I'm glad that it 🙂 likes to you.

  19. Originally posted by noramaj:

    most people work like slaves and I'm afraid that it won't be better

    Here is where we disagree, Nora. Things CAN get better for ordinary people, but only if ordinary people are willing to dream of a better world and work together for such a world. I've learned that there is no shortage of resources: There is enough for all, if resources were distributed more evenly.The wolves at the top of the pyramid are few; the sheep at the bottom are many. We have power we are not using! Now and then, we do find a way to unite, and then the wolves flee. It can happen. But it won't just "fall in the mouth" — you're right about that! Ordinary people have to work for it. They have to find time to take an interest in more than just their families. Society is what we make of it. If we do nothing and let the wolves have their way with us, then yes, the result is "very sad". But it doesn't have to be sad! We have the power. The power begins in our minds and in our hearts, but it doesn't have to stop there.:heart: — make this larger and larger!:heart: — the universe is contained in this!

  20. Whatever we would tell the lack of equality will always step out and I do not believe that anything will change in the future too because among the men will be always people so different as and today – greedy,dishonest 😦 and for this nothing will never change.

  21. But these men will not always be in control!Do they control our world here inside of my.opera? No. There are places like this where greed and dishonesty are disadvantages. In the larger world, I think these criminals are losing their friends. Alone, what can they do? Nothing. I also think we need a way to recycle wealth, from the top back to the bottom, just as the human body has a heart to recycle the blood.I was just looking at your paintings (in the photo section). They are beautiful, Nora! You should put some of these paintings in your blog header.

  22. Your way of considerations are properly and probably you are right about Opera but completely? I don't know.We don't know all people from Opera we can't know a lot of them but to the rest of your considerations it is ok.Thank you for your opinion about my paintings but I think that they can't be in my blog header.They are too modest,usual and I wouldn't like to be treated as immodest.I think that this album is the enough place for my works.But I'm very grateful for your friendly words. 🙂

  23. the wealth of the wicked shall be laid up for the rightious…God said it…and when He says something…it will come to pass.

  24. some are slaves of sombody else's mind, some are slaves of their own mind. True liberation to me is liberating self from un-necessary thoughts. Ani

  25. Whatever we would say, each of you are right in many aspects on this topic.People can be slaves in different ways too,because of other,because of their own minds,traditions,religions and tight thoughts too but the worst it is then when their are slaves because they are used by others because they don't have choices because they live in special places where because of the lack of work their bosses create of them slaves and they even can 't rebel against them .The situation where they live and work and for very small money paid them, their work take them possibilities of changing and fighting.In Poland , before the solidarity , all people who wanted to work , had their work and for their money they could live but some leaders wanted more , especially power , they were doing rebel to change their life then , but after changing and taking the power and government in their hands at once a lot of people lost their jobs,homes, many became homeless, a lot of people don't have money for treating, for living for paying bills and new bosses created their own business taking for free the government's companies,factories and at once , they became millionaires, paying people much smaller money they had ever earned before.Many of these bosses used this people as workers and then they don't pay any money even for 6 moths or a year going in this time for holidays to Bermuda, Hawaii or other very modern places for rich people .But usual people became paupers at once and not of their own faults.So in my post , I rather have on my mind such people , not these once with their own tight minds or their own choices..

  26. Thank you, Nora, for your account of life in Poland, and how it was changed by the capitalist "Liberation". It is what I suspected. Communism was a very imperfect system, but at least it met basic needs. Capitalism seems like a catastrophic system. It's the difference between a tug-boat and the S.S. Titanic.

  27. the Ark…Noah`s ark was built by an amature…the Titanic was buit by experts…which one sank? The Titanic did not go through even a small amount of what the Ark did…although it took 120 years to build it.

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