“MAYBE” – my new poem


Maybe ,You only want to
keep me in remembrances,
maybe,only to stay a mist in my memory ,
maybe, with the wind to fly through my life ,
maybe,the mountain river or the thunder
to deafen of my heart beating,
maybe…maybe… I haven’t just known this,
and there has no been you continually.
Maybe ,we would be able to run
on the sunny side of the life,
looking for our place on the ground,
running away from problems of this world
though for several moments ,
maybe ?…maybe ?, I really don’t know it,
because,here there are no you continually ,
maybe, you would be able to hug
and heat with your warmth,
that I would be able to feel mayself safely,
maybe.?.maybe ?, so many maybies,
but there are no you continually,
and I still haven’t known it
if you are somewhere
or there are no you at all…

19 thoughts on ““MAYBE” – my new poem

  1. WElcome all of you .Thank you for visiting my blog and friendly opinion of it.Welcome you Yulenka.I've sent you mail.Did you see it?

  2. I can send you the CSS and you can put an image for example from the photobucket and put it in this CSS and have it too.Your banner is very ice too with this small girl and butterflies and colourful too.

  3. HI,dear.It seems I did not see you mail.So sorry…I just wanted to write you again because had no answer.I see you are ok and create beauty as always. :love:

  4. nice poem.lol…zthere r lots of maybe [..in statistics probability..synonyms of probability is possibility]in our life.and if u aggregates all the may bes in ur life and keep all the may bes on the wings of aeroplane…i can make you assure that the aeroplane will not be able to fly any more.so no more thinking about "may be".we should thinkabout "must"thats my point of view..please don't mind.

  5. Thank you but in the life it is so many maybes in everything and not many certains that I always think about future "Maybe it – maybe that" but I'm not sure of anything.The fate rules of everything each time- sometimes good sometimes bad so I'm really not certain the future so for that it is only " Maybe"

  6. well,must is the assurance of an incidence and may be is not.and in some case,must is better than may be.and in some cases reverse is true.4 example..u hav two choices to determine a project.a project describes that u ll receive $1000 must if u invest $800.and another 1 describes that u ll receive $1200 dollars but there exist may be.which project u ll choose???

  7. I would like the first one but I always meet the second one.So I don't plan anything unless nothing fulfils.Now it stays only "maybe" and waiting what the fate gives me.

  8. U can't say dat u never meet the project 1.for example.if i deposit my money in a bank i ll get 20% interest and this incidence is must.again, if i go for share market…there exist may be.so i can't say that future is uncertain.If i choose 2nd 1 thenmy choice is making my futurereturn uncertain.now arises the question in my mind,why do i select second project? well…when i expect more return from my investment.ok..so, the expectation of the word "more" is making the future uncertain.actually human general characteristic is the more he gets the more he wants.as a result man is making his own future uncertain.moreover, i believe that man is his own architecture of fate.Do u know why my students get bored in my class???because in every class i provide them such kind of boring lecture. so please don't get bored.

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