The All Souls’ Day holiday!!

This day forces to the reflection on the shortness and the fragility of the human life. In such the mood , it is worth to think about these, who went away and about these, who are among us else….and this All Souls’ Day holiday is the day of nostalgia ,meditation and sadness.
In this day,people in my country go to the cemetery with flowers, wreaths and lanterns to celebrate in the very personal and special way the persons who have already gone away from this world, but not of their memory. However ,we have to remember about certain principles which are in force just this day.
This day our cementaries are full of torches,candles burning even at night so being even far away of them we can see the brightness of fire in the sky.All families are meeting then and going together to their relatives graves.

This candle is towards the memmory of my parents and younger brother.

And here is an image of a woman ,who was waiting to long for a perfect man and she has never waited him so It menas that it isn’t worth to wait to long for anyone  though for a prince.

She was waiting too long


8 thoughts on “The All Souls’ Day holiday!!

  1. OH…. Thank you for your so friendly opinion and wish. You are talented too.I think that many people are talented but they don't know of it or don't want to use it.But look , all of them end in such the same 😦 :worried: :yikes: place and it is the saddest. Best wishes to you.And the butterfly and I wish you will be free like it.loves nora

  2. dear..i hav no candle, no symbols…to show,but i hav a headthat could be down for showingrespect..may their soul rest in peace.

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