“THE PAIN OF EXESTING”- my new poems



The largest pain then the pain of existence,
the pain of loneliness,
with every day more difficult to carry away,
the pain of soul of suffering without understanding,
the lonely fight about every moment of life,
about belief in me and the sense of life,
about the sense of this existence.
For what this fight,
when at the end nothing is,
only death and nothingness
and the whole ages of oblivion.

By E.M.- noramaj
27 of September 2009

What is the life?,
I do not know really,
I’ve lost it
when I began living,
I hid somewhere deeply
on the bottom in oblivion
all past days.
I want to live now
only with this what it is,
what every day
happens to me,
though, this is not this
what I wanted to have.
today, I can go with only this road,
though, I do not know ,
what it will meet me
at the end of it,
how many turnings
will come to defeat to me,
but I know surely,
that some day
this road will finish,
and only death
waits at the end of it.
By E.M.- noramaj
27 of September 2009

11 thoughts on ““THE PAIN OF EXESTING”- my new poems

  1. Death is not the end,dear….And….we still have time here to live this life and see the beauty around.Just think of those who were never born and you will uerstand that we had unique chance and must use it better we can.Hugs 😉

  2. Welcome you ,Yulenka.I'm very glad that you were,your kind and friendly words are like a balsam on my soul.You are right , around in the world there is a lot of beauty but I can see it only in pictures and the same view in the place where a live every day,nothing else and mostly I stay at home so I can't see anything else.But what about the end of the life – there's always death,I know it and I don't want to cheat me.It is more simple.But I'm grateful to you for cheering me up when I down.Many thanks. loves nora :angel: :heart:

  3. My dear,Nora.I read a lot about life and death.I know a bit more than you 🙂 I cannot say that death is not the end of all as I cannot prove it…and I still could not prove it to myself,but there are people,who know it better.All my life I tried to n=know more about it,because I was afrid of death from the very younth….It was the main fear of my life. That is why I was trying to know more. Now I can tell you…you will exist after death…the problem is another one…you will forget all that happened here with you. There are some methids to remember all after death,but I am as always do not have enought time to train.But I can say that I had some results in planning my night dreams.And I founded that ther words written is books were really true and I saw and manged to do all thet was written there.So…I have a reason to belive in other things written there 🙂 As for this life….of course we must try to do it better!For ourselves…for people around whom we care…for animals who depend on you..Let this road of life will be light and beautiful!just lighten it with your own eyes! 😉

  4. Thank you for your wish Jill.I've a hope too.WElcome you Yulenka and thank you for your comment and so good wishes but I would like to tell that I think exactly like I wrote in my poem because I have been interested in this theme for all my life and I have read a lot of different books and works of many very famous people,scientists moving the matter of life and death, wached many programs on TV where many famous people discuss this things too.Besides of it I have been intersted in History especialluy ancient History and for that at once in different religions, their beginnings in the very deep past and what it is said about this things in each of them and for that my Feelings and thoughts are so, not different.Like I wrote in another my poem titled " INSOMNIA" I don't believe in the life after the death so the think of the death in each hour frightens me a lot.So for that I would like to enjoy with each day and night which I can have yet in my life but there are moments that I'm so terrible feared.Here my poem which I wrote when a couldn't to sleep for a long time after the death of my younger brother ,parents and two my friends from School and then I understood how fragile it is our life and how little it is needed to be death.„INSOMNIA”The Sun behind the clouds hides,I know, that together with the birdsand the wind – will fall asleepand then I really live,to sleep I can not just.I can hear the murmur of leavesand the wind’s hum behind the window,even breaths of sleepy around people,and my soul wakes up to life then.I fear to drop something of it,I still would like to chase this life.It seems me just then’,That when I fall asleep,Then my life will go out.Therefore, when all sleep around calmly,I do not sleep ,I chase my life running awayI would like to more enrich it yetdoes not to let throw away anything’what it can be kept,-the hum of the wind behind the window,-birds’ singing, flowers’ scent in the morning,’-the blue of the sky,-moon, stars and the sunbecause I will say sincerely,that I do not believe in the life after the death,only here and now – when I live,it happens what it is the most beautiful,from here this insomnia mineand this is my happiness, by E.M.Best wishes to you and good luck.

  5. no one good book can prove something. Only things you saw by your own eyes.You believe in what you saw,touched,felt…But feelings sometimes can lie…even sensations of the touch can lie.Remember blind men touching different parts of an elephant and saying how it look like?so…the more we know-the more we are close to the truth.Let us know more…let we find what we wish!i wish you this,Nora!

  6. Thank you for your all wishes.Let's them happen.I hope that when you wish so good then it should fulfillment and I wish all what is the best.

  7. Thank you for your patient to me and my mood and behaving but I have something so after any problems and then I always need the time to be again normal with the normal contacts.I'm very grateful for understanding it.Many many thanks for it.My best wishes my friend. THis is for you with my appologise.loves nora

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