With each day it is felt the Autumn in the air.
Autumn has two faces. It is beautiful, colourful and sunny. It delights us with the variety of colours. It also visits cold and rainy..Though the plants are green and leaves are in the trees and bushes but the days is much colder though the sun is shining.Mornings,evenings and nights are quite cold with the temperatures about 10 degrees Celcious.The days are warmer but only about 18-20 degrees Celcious.The Autumn started on the 21 st of September so now we can suppose more days cold and a maybe a lot of rainy days like last year.At the moment the Atumn looks very nice,colourful with its green leaves and late flowers gradually changing in the gold Polish Autumn or maybe rainy,cold and grey Autumn.I would like the first option of the Autumn because in my country we have got more cold and rainy months than warm ones.In these photos you just can see this first option of the gold Autumn.If it would be so it would have been wonderful.

5 thoughts on “THE AUTUMN IS IN THE AIR

  1. Hope it is not like this in your country now yet ;)We have just first falling leafes :)I like colors of Autumn,but prefer summer days..

  2. Welcome you Yulenka.We have first leaves falling too but there some plants which first have very colourful leaves and when the temperature falls down and it is very cold then these colourful fall too.So before this time the Autumn is similar to the gold so we called it The Polish Golden Autumn.

  3. We had the snow too but in the south of Poland.heavy snow, which caused breaking electrical lines so 100.000 houses were without the energy, emergences services worked for a week, 3 people died,the couple were killed by the broken fallen branch too heavy of the snow and one 33 -year man died of the cold falling in the deep snow in the mountain.Fortunately,I live in the north of Poland so we hadn't had the snow yet and frost too,but a lot of rain for a week so in Szczecin(120 km away of me ) people from some parts of the city were evacuated because of the flood.But my place was only rainy and stormy but without a flood.In my place there haven never been flood for ages.It is safe place. Before this rainy week and after it we have had Polish Golden Autumn this yet like in this slide but last year the Autumn was very short and very rainy and cold, and the winter came very fast with the lot of snow and cold so it wasn't good.Today we had sunny day and quite warm though at night the temperature was 0 degrees C.But day was nice even with the quite strong wind.Very often the weather is very capricious but except this one week it is sunny and warm this year. :whistle: 🙂 :right:

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