My favourite aquarium

I love the life in the sea.All creatures went out of it in the very deep past.Thanks the sea the life could exist in the world.The bottom of the sea is very rich and varied.It is like the garden full of colours but not available for everyone,for me too so for that I have the aquarium at home.This my very tiny part of the sea.When I'm tired and sad I sit down in front of one of them admiring this underwater world and then I rest and can gather the strength for the next day,for work,for measurement with the problems of the daily Life..I made these videos to share with their beauty with everyone.Maybe then you will understand my feelings to them.I love caring of them.The fish knows me and always swim to me when I come over to them.



  1. Thank you for your comment and I'm glad that you liked it.Hi.Yulenka.When you will be tired you can watch this aquarium and rest by it too.It is really pleasant especially when at once you can listen to relaxing music.

  2. I don't know their names in English but I can tell you in Polish. This one blue is called The Blue(Opal) Gurami,the second one the gold Gurami,Tetra,Algaeeater,WΔ™gorek,Tiger brzanka ,Sumik:) and others.

  3. lol…something is always going to happen,even if you do not plan it πŸ™‚ So…it is better to have good luck πŸ™‚

  4. Yes,dear Nora.I was speaking not about you.I like dragons too and I am a dragon myself :p (by the year I was born),that is why I was interested in it.What is your year,Nora?

  5. My fish isn't a dragon even as a Chinese zoodiac sign and we call this fish " wΔ™gorek" because it is long but there is no Polish name for it only Latin -"MACROGNATHUS OCULEATUS". It lives about 30 species of them in the waters of Africa and South Asia and this mine is from waters of India,Mollukas and all South Asia.The adult individual achieves the length 35 cm,but females are longer. In small aquarias they do not achieve this length though in my aquarium she reached 25 cm.She because it is a female.It is very quiet, and friendly to others fish and she is very interested in everything.It sleeps under the sbasis.It eats frozen worms called "ochotka".And my Chinese Astrology sign :is the Year of the Ox so in English it is Taurus and in Polish Byk.All these names mean the same animal so it means that not snake or dragon.

  6. Look at the end of this information of the fish.I wrote there that I'm The Taurus in Chinese sign it is The OX – the same animal.Taurus = Ox = Byk in Polish. at this link.There are different bulls,tauruses or oxes and one of them is from you and I could thank you for it when you sent it me under my Post of my birthday.loves Nora

  7. Hi Yulenka.Probably I'm monkey or wood as another sign.But I prefer Taurus because it suits to my character the best and I use only it.In Polish calendar BYK.

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