Hunger in the World!!!!
In the XXI century of NEW CYVILIZATION !!!!!!!
18 thousand children die of hunger daily !!!

About eighteen thousand children die of hunger every day as a result of undernutrition, and 850 million men go to sleep with empty stomachs – the Organization of United Nations alarms.

– what about 3,6 second someone dies of hunger.
-about 815 million men in the world suffer hunger and undernutrition.
-only in 32 from 99 of developing countries studied by FAO it has been noted fall in quantity of undernourished in the past 10 years.
In China their quantity fell about 76 million, but in Congo,proportion grew up from 35% in last 10 years
to 64% at present.   

In the eight west-African countries, in this in Burkina the Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world, the number chronically starving got smaller significantly . But in central , eastern and south Africa the number of starving more grew up .
-1/12 men in the world are ill of the undernutrition, in this-160 million children below 5 years of their life.
(data FAO).

According to the World Organization of Health ( the WHO) only 1/3 population of the world is nourished well, meanwhile 1/3 is undernourished, and 1/3 starves.
On Indian subcontinent it lives nearly half of starving men in the world. In Africa and the remaining part of Asia together – about 40%. The rest of starving men live in Latin America and different parts of world ( the Hunger in the Global Economy).
-3billions menin the world, try to survival for 1-2 dollars daily.
Nearly 1/4 men – 1,3 billion live for less than 1 dollar daily. Meanwhile assets of the 358 top multimillionaires surpass together a year incomes of these countries, in which it lives 45% population of the world. It is the number of assets of three the richest men of the world are larger than together all the least developed countries.
•To to cover only the needs of hygiene and food,it will suffice only 13 billion dollars – so many, how many men in the USA and the European Union spend on perfumes a year.

Starving children!!!
•15 million children die of hunger a year .
•Undernutrition causes 55% of all children’s deceases in the world- proportion, what none infectious disease reached since times of pestilent pest.
•About 183 million children weighs less, than they should in their age.
•Undernutrition touches below 5 year of life children’s half in south Asia and 1/3 children in Subsaharan Africa .
•For the price of one the rocket bullet,one full school of hungry children would can give meal a day everyday for 5 years .
•In 10 years, over 100 million children died of diseases and hunger. It would be to prevent it for the price of ten bombers or for two-day world expenses on military aims.When very rich get mad of too much money and they don’t know what to do with it thinking up the most stupid thing in the world in the same time so many children starvs or die of starving.This is our civilized world of the XXI century.Applause for all governments and all these very rich people who rule with this World.Probably they will go alive to the heaven in very good mood.I’m sorry for my sarcasm.This financial and economical crisis is their job too and their dishonesty.!!!!!!!!!
Data FAO


  1. hi,very very sorry to see and hear the bad news from FAO. :cried:we need to build a Child's Funds supporting these case around the World for the near future!!!!!!God's blessing them, the beloved Souls.Thanks 4 posting this piece of news 🙂

  2. 😦 😦 😦 I thank you for your understanding of this problem and your comment.You are right.One person can't do a lot but when they will work together to help to them ,they can do a lot. Now,it is very sad that there are zones of such terrible poverty in the world and at once on the second side the richnesses and a lot of money for weapon,wars,armies using for killing though the hunger kills so many children. It can cry only now.

  3. so, just say a prayer for God's blessings on them may find the best solution in the near futuredon't kill time, kill our stupid selffishes :cried:

  4. Thank you for this your comment and your sensivity.When it will be more people like you so it can be changed anything in this matters and people start to look for the right solutions to help this people and especially the children.They are our Future and Future of the world .Future will be so how people will create it .:cry:

  5. This post really emotional and touchble for me..So many people needs our hand..:(and thats why i told my daughter to had heart.And she did it.. When her b'day..she went to orphan's place and shared everythng she brought..

  6. Many thanks to you for your undertanding and feelings you expressed .Thank you for your comments.My best regards.:heart:

    • Thank you for your comment stopping by to read this post, but as you can see now more children die not only the hunger but the wars too which are now in some places in the world and a lot of people with children lost their homes , their places of living thals to those wars. Horrible things and I can’t understand why people instead to talk adn solve peoblems their prefer cal out wars. I really can’t understand that.Such events ccall out very bad feelngs at me.

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