I’ve lived yet,
though I don’t feel anything,
In my heart is only the huge sadness
and enormous sorrow’
The pain and suffering my heart fills,
I ‘ve lived though I don’t feel anything ,
I am how dead,
though my heart beats yet,
I wait though I don’t know for what,
only dreams stay and in them better life.

The next night comes,

however It doesn’t let me sleep

and when I fall asleep at the end
my bad dreams persecute me,
I am alone in them,
Around there isn’t anything
only remaining sadness and tears,
loneliness and  no happiness
though I  want  it  so very hard,

why it hurts so much,
and maybe it will be the time
when I stop missing it?
I do not know,
no one can tell anything,
what does it  leave to me?
only to fall asleep to forget
and never to wake up..

noramaj – E.M>02.05.2009


50 thoughts on ““THE SORROW” MY NEW POEM

  1. Hi nora,you can call me faezI appreciate the wonderful Description in your poem..i like it verey muchBut i feel that you are so sad in your poem , and you have to be verey glad ..coz you are verey important to us You gave us the hope ..and the funYou are verey important to us ,and to someone like me ..Do you know why?Coz you brought me and a large number of people here.. to listen to you..Me..who was comming from the other side of the world.. from a countryburned to death..to listen to your poem about hope ..i think.My lighting friend Nora you are looklike a candel (burn to light the way to other people)..So i hope you will be fine soon yours Faez:angel: :love: 😉

  2. But yes.. Be happy, stay happy, for people who depends on you… Your one smile can make them forget their sorrow… Live for yourself and for people who live for you…Happiness and sorrow are just phase of life.. One cannot live with only happiness… Happiness will not remain so valuable to us where there will be no sorrow… If we get more pearls than pebbles then we have to pay more for pebbles than pearls…Atleast I'm happy with my sorrow cause only for it happiness is so valuable to me… 🙂

  3. Need time… To read.. To understand.. To feel… To dream… To reply… To comment… Though no word left for me..How are you??Is that on 2nd may..?

  4. Yes faez… I know about your sorrow.. Our sorrow also but few different.. And nora I don't know where from you got this idea.. May be from your life…. But it's very true to us also in India.. You know what all other see about India is that only 25% people live.. And what you tell in story is what all others live still now… It's our daily life and we all live in a hope for a better day.. No one knows when it will come.. We just get commitment for better condition but we surely know dream will never come true.. But it's our life, we live… Only in hope for better cause we have to live.. No one for hear our sorrow.. 😦

  5. Welcome you firends.I hope that you are right and it is true that in all parts of the world there are the same problems and many pe3ople don't say of it but maybe for that ,they have no a possibility to say of it or they don't know that they can say aND IT HELPS THEM or they think they grandparents live3d so,they parents live so and they live so and they didn't know that they will be able to live different though they aren't happy but these ones who know that they c an do anything with this they say of it loudly and don't agree with such life.They are rebels and rebel against it and then they even can kill others for that it is so much violence in the world,wars and unhappiness.Some people reconcile with such situation some not.I don't ,but I wouldn't kill anyone.I only can say loudly of it,what I feel and see.:(

  6. Welcome you firends.I hope that you are right and it is true that in all parts of the world there are the same problems and many people don't say of it but maybe for that ,they have no a possibility to say of it or they don't know that they can say and that IT HELPS THEM or they think their grandparents lived so,they parents live so and they live so and they didn't know that they will be able to live different though they aren't happy and suffer of it but these ones who know that they can do anything with this , they say of it loudly and don't agree with such life.They are rebel and rebel against it and then they even can kill others for that it is so much violence in the world,wars and unhappiness.Some people reconcile with such situation ,some not.I don't ,but I wouldn't kill anyone.I only can say loudly of it,what I feel and see.:(

  7. my friends for so getting up wards on my spirit. I think myself ,how it is possible,that I have such friends like youI did not ask about that, I didn't do anything by force nor anything in defiance of me,You are the splendid present what I got here,Writing this -tears pressing on their own to my eyes, because to believe in this,it is hard to me,that it can have such friends like youand however… ,So I thank You .You are friendly to me and good.So all the best to you.:heart:

  8. Wow..!! It seems’ve no appropriate word to reply… I can’t write or compose such beautiful and near to heart things.. But I have read something once.. A poem in katy’s blog.. 🙂

  9. Yes.. Smiling is good for health.. :happy: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and now laugh little loudly 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  10. Thank you prtkds for your smiles.They are like the bright sun.I tried find this Katy's blog but there were some katies' blogs.I tried to go to two Katies but at once it apeared such an information: " This page isn't avalaible for all coutries" I couldn;t see anything.Thank you SHANELASER.This smile is for you too.Best wishes to all of you.

  11. Thank you Nora ..now im glad to see you smile .. thanks for the smiling flower 😀 😀 :yes: :yes: :flirt:

  12. Not to the end but it can be.Do you want to learn Polish? Of course I can teach you.:p It's very nice of your side. It should be. I will not smile = Ja nie będę się śmiał,You first = Ty pierwsza,NOw it will be right – and so – very well.I understood but gramatically like I wrote.Thank you maryam that you are here and want to smile .The day at once is smiling too. This smiling flower is for all of you. THANK YOU.

  13. Don't worry about it Prateek,One day you will know it.Thank you.Best regards.:) :heart: :angel: Kiss for you maryam and thank you for your supoport in the right time to me when I need it.:heart: :angel: :flirt:

  14. Nora.. I know what was in your heart.. You told me your pain once and i still remember it.. You know nora, i'm proud to be your friend, and i know what friends are for.. Please let us know how to cheer you up.. And never ever to had a thought the last word that you were write.. Never wake up…:(.Look here so many friends love you.. Care for you.. And i'm in it too..even i'm not exist in your friends list.. But i love u and care for you..:).Face the world my dear friend.. And always smile..:).:D.

  15. In life, nobody is safe from hardships. Humans pretend happiness but do they have any? Humans feel sorry for others while ignore their own pain. We all die few times, little by little, before actual death finishes our living entity. In India, Jain religion is the oldest and 'MAHAVIRA' was the 24th 'tirthankara'(reformer, teacher) in the religion. He was born in 599 B.C, before the birth of BUDDHA. Buddha also copied Mahavira's principles. Before MAHAVIRA, there were 23 TIRTHANKARAS(reformers/teachers) They all cried and were very deep to remove death and miseries of humans but failed. After those TIRTHANKARAS we stopped our real meditation and gave up of winning. Perhaps we need to continue more research and more knowledge to win death and sufferings____chanmok

  16. I have to say something..Once a poor woman lost her one and only new born child. The child was dead. The woman went to lord BUDDHA with her dead child. She asked lord to give her child back to her by prompting the child into life.. She told that she had noting(in cash or kind) for a life support except this only child.. BUDDHA remained silent and then asked her to bring a handful of musterd seeds from that home where death doesn't stepped in..(no one ever dies in that family)..She went door to door and search in a whole area but in every family atleast some one is dead (truth).. So she returned to BUDDHA in empty hand.. Then BUDDHA told that man is mortal.. And life and death are much true as sun and moon are.. So life cannot be restored in a dead boy.. It's truth that he is dead.. This was a story and probably it's true..So winning over death is a totally different concept..Noone can stay alive a 1000s of years long.. And yes not a real meditation can done it yet. But you can live a long as much couple of hundreds of years by it. But the place or environment of real meditation is decreasing so rapidly.. So it's very much difficult.. I don't quite know but in my view death cannot be overcomed in real life situation.. But misery can be.. What they say.. You have to leave all earthen things.. Even a cloth.. You have to stay with truth, speak, see, think, …. all those what is truth.. You have to leave all, love of family, all that things that we have to give us pleasure, and misery.. Now see if you have nothing and nothing to care about and only have to find the ultimate truth with in yourself then you have nothing to loose or nothing to gain.. Then you are absolutely free of life.. So then why should you have misery..This way misery can be overcomed… And may be death can be done by really good jobs for mankind…. Cause death always takes your life away but never those work we have done.. So death cannot be bigger than itself.. But man can be bigger than death…Anyways thanks to all…

  17. HI .chanmok1
    Maybe you are right and maybe it would be possible if more money would be giving for sciense searching instead the weapon,but in our crazy world more money goes on weapon and experiments with it,so this searching what you say now isn’t possible.

    Prateek – your strory is very instructive and interesting.I like it.You are a very inteligent person and your point of view is very interesting.

    Thank you pramodpp for your advice but you know that it isn’t possible all the time and in different cases.Everything depends on different aspects and situations of life and not all it is so simple to change our minds and to be all the time happy.Situations in life are variously.Of them depends on everything and mood too.Life rules with its rights and it isn’t so colorful and easy like we would like to be.Good luck to all of you.

  18. May be you r wright nora, it may be depends on situations& aspects, But if the mind is in our control we don't have any over joy or deep sorrow, in sanscrit it is calld "NISANGHA" ,trained to control ur mind either by meditation or if u belive in god almighty, pour ur all sorrows into god it may give u a good mood.Good LUCK. Pramod

  19. Did you see the movie.. TAI-CHI MASTER ever… Controlling mind is not an easy task… But yes it's possible and so also what you say may be possible..

  20. Hi nora.. Hi..guysjust stop by..Have a wonderful day.. And have a nice dream to you nora..Don't forget come to my blog i have a GIN in my blog.:lol:.Nill.. Come to my blog.. I have a new one..over there..:). And also to you pramodpp..

  21. Thank YOU my friends.Maybe it will work what you told pramodpp,I will try this meditation but I don’t know if it will work.I don’t belive in the results if it and maybe works when people believe in it.I am a sceptic.No ,prateek.I haven’t watched this film, but I will try to find it on Internet and I will watch it with interesting.I like such themes.And I will tell you more about it. ok.?
    Hi risis.I was on Your blog and I left three my wishes for your Gin.I only wander if he can fulfill them.We will live we will see.Best wishes to all of you and good luck.:) :angel: :angel: :angel: :heart: :up:

  22. Ok nora…Hi ris…Hi everybody…Oh.. Nora I've consulted an astrologer…though I've no faith on it, but yes she tells more interesting things about me.. And most important is what she tells, I'll get more opportunitis but to make best out of it I have to work hard.. Else I will loose.. So it's time for urgent action in study…. 😀

  23. MMMM Prateek like we say in my country "Without working there aren't any cakes" so it means that when you want to have much opportunities to do things you really must work very hard so study,study my boy.But serious, You will really can get more when you will be well educated so good luck.:yes: :yes: :yes: :up:

  24. @nora thankyo so much..:heart:.@nilYeah.. Study..study.. It make our future would more worth..My father told me to contineud my college and i ignoring him.. And now i feel so humble.. Its still make me feel remourse..Sooonill .. Bett be a gud boy.. And you'll get your opportunities..:happy:.

  25. Yes,risis,you say true and your father told you well and don't regret , you can continue your study now .It isn't too late for anything if you only want.:up: 🙂

  26. HI mary don't worry.risis will find all her own. She comes from time to time here so I think that she will be and she didn't forget you. I have something for you. I will try to send it by a message or in my post on my blog,because I tried to insert it in this comment and I couldn't so I will try in the post or in the message.So check on one of this.OK?My aromatheraphy,so listen ,watch and breath and calm down,please.Maybe you will like it.

  27. At last.. Mary said that..:happy:.Thankyou my little cutie gal..:love:.Nora, i saw your post.. And its cool..I love aromatherapy..I wonder when we go together to spa and have fun in there..with aromatherapy for sure.. You, me and mary..also carol, yulia..Wowits amazing moment ever..:love:.

  28. You can come to Poland at the Baltic Sea to Kołobrzeg. It's the Health resort for hearts and breath rouds so aromatheraphy will b e perfect. And a lot of swans and seaguls.Wonderful view.

  29. Don't scream.We will wait for you and Poland too.It is in the same place all the time and nowhere goes out.I promise you.

  30. Can you feel the pain deep inside of you when everything is going wrong and there is nobody to listen to you… Who is interested in your problems?! … …you will cry so that everybody can hear it and you’ll lose your strong pain but will there be anybody to listen to you so you don’t cry you can’t cry you forget it you forget to show anybody your feelings because there will be nobody to listen to you… it’s not important if you lost a friend or if you fall unhappy in love or anything else you shut up and devour everything in you, because there is nobody to listen to you and now you think about it all and you realize that there must be somebody to listen to you, i think there is.

  31. No problem Maryam!… …the important "thing" is that it seams Nora has some real friends loving and care about her!

  32. Here you are who, Mean the good friends to me, I wish you a lot of happiness and I think that you don’t let the friendship to die.For that I’m grateful to you and I wish what the best in the day and at the night.

  33. Me too. Friendship is important between people.Did you check your player for aromatheraphy at me? Does it work.I tried but it didn't work.Your heart is big and good .Thank you.:heart: :heart: :heart:

  34. You are always welcome too.Everything ok.we will wait for Bash.One day he will find himself.Maybe he is very busy now.:) :heart:

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