The 1-st of May – the LABOUR HOLIDAY

Welcome all of you.Today it is the 1-st of May – the LABOUR HOLIDAY but I
don’t celebrate this day at all , though it has celebrated for over 100 years..Our authorities tell that it is the communist holiday but they celebrate it.It is very twiested of their side.On one side, they say “communist” on the second side they celebrate it but before celebrating it ,first people should have a job.However ,a lot of people in the world don’t have any jobs or if they have it but they earn so little money that they can’t live and keep their families,These people up from the high shelves make different financial crises, but first steal very big money.Bankers , different bosses and twisted politicians tell “financial and economy crisis” which they all made it but bills for it must pay only usual people,workers,todays slaves used by these so called bosses for poor money.They didn’t make this financial and economy crisis but these twisted politicians say we must keep it.HOW? They can ,they steel this money,they rule only on their side and they take enormous money for they bad and twisted policy.They can keep and survive all.THey have money.But these rest people which were used as slaves very often for v ery small m oney.?????…..How can they celebrate this holiday when they have no jobs,money,they loose their homes and must go in the street,they can’t treat themselves when they are ill.They don’t spend their free time on Bahamas or other so modern place among all of these who made and make all these crisis.?I don’t know.For that I can ‘t celebrate this day of work when so many people are witout works .I’m sorry for this what I wrote here.You can think different and celebrate.But I can’t. Have a good holiday of work.Keep yourself warm.Everything is Ok.It is only my considerations.

Since when The Phoenician have invented money
different desires have pulled people continually .
The days passes by days
and a usual man fights
to not find himself on a bottom of the hell.
When once he’ll find himself there
because he is poor , barefooted and naked
the despair runs up him then
and he isn’t already happy nor merry.Every day,
he fights about a slice of bread then
there is no a sky for him .
He is beyond parenthetically
and he is happy if he sometimes finds a slice of bread
Such the life, the Great democracies give for ages
and these ones who have money always have rights.
For poor society it isn’t really in these democracies any places.
When a pauper is born in a poor family
he always has to remember ,
that such life can last for him in each time,
So living with every passing day
he’ll only find his place on stinking dustbin.
3 rd of May 2009 E.M.


21 thoughts on “The 1-st of May – the LABOUR HOLIDAY

  1. Hi nora i hope you are feelling good agree with you about poor people in the world don't have any jobs ,and ther is no reason to celebrate, But i am glad cos ther is another people in the warld care about that like you my freind ..and it is the bigining for change..thank you my best freind for everything.

  2. You are very welcome.You are right ,when it will be such persons like you and me ,maybe it will be the chances for changes.Only people os a good will can try to change anything.Thank you my friend .:heart:

  3. dear nora,just now i have finished reading your post on may day.i am feeling totally touched and moved.let me honestly tell you that i myself have the similar feelings and views about the poors,poverty and these cruel politicians,industrialists and bureaucrats.they have divided the whole population of the world in two categories-one who have every imaginable luxury and another- those deprived of even their basic needs like food, and health etc.the 90% wealth of the globe is with 10% rich people and the rest 90% have to depend on only 10% resources.they are destined to live most wretched and miserable life.the rich class is mthe most cruel and atrocious class not having even a small amount of sympathy,kindness and care for the vast poverty stricken class.under these circumstances how a sensitive and sane person can think of celebrating the workers day when most of the workers are deprived of even basic needs.anyway,it felt very nice and satisfying that sensitive and rational people like you are having concern for the poors of the world.olease do not mind,earlier i was thinking that you are also one of many ordinary people fond of blogging and net surfing.but after going through this post,my idea about you have changed are a very talented, intellectually strong,rational and judicious person in addition to being sensitive and amazingly creative.i feel proud of you.if you like i would love to be in regular contact and communication on people's issues and crative matters.i feel proud of you.congratulations.keep it up.regards,

  4. Hi Nora, What a fantastic thinking. all the way u r wright, wright the way of thinking, my full support for u. y people mad abt earning more?. will they takeall the earnings on death? no,Never.Nobody can't.y they r greedy? Life is like a bubble isn't it?then y?

  5. wow….nora realy fantastic…amazing..i've no more words to apriciate u.all wishes of MAY DAY.I WISH ALL THE GREAT LABOURS OF THE WORLD

  6. Thank you my friends for your comments and I see that I'm not alone with such points of view on this problem so I think that maybe it is a chance for best future not only for these few group of people which rule this world ruthlessly only for that that they are up on the highest shelves but for most people from the lowest shelves too.I hope that it will be able possible,that besides of the technical civilization it will be the human civilization too and a human won't be the wolf to other human . But saying honestly I would like to be among wolves .There are more legible principle than between people.

  7. Nora, your pictures here, are heart breaking and proofs or exhibits of our acts of 'uncivilization'. When such a disease for hunger last, none should own a country, none should cut a piece of mother earth and declare that polluted piece ' a free country'! Free my ass! I am sorry to use such a word! In the name of freedom leaders chain the feet of the public to enslave. We do not have to make too many countries, each year we make a new country. For what? It is sure evil. Federation can give us freedom but not those tiny little lands. We need few good countries but not hundreds…..Freedom is in Federation (1)-chanmokSky is vast open and vision goes farEager to be bigger, bigger is better!Many in one, well equippedIn flood storm cannot be ripped!Cutting mother earth why so manyHappy and peaceful! Is there any?Those narrow nasty nationalistsMake us patriots take our rights!Warlords head guys sinner-wiseDance manipulate do hypnotize!Now on, let us and say just noTo any nasty greedy nationalist foe!Tiny countries no more be madeNo more hunger and live on aid!Definition conception like old daysA larger federation really pays!Sky is vast open and vision goes farEager to be bigger, bigger is better!Many in one, well equippedIn flood storm cannot be ripped!

  8. Yes Nora, Governments control all revolutionary ideas, religions of moses, jesus, mohammad, Ram. Governments regulate huge discoveries, big institutions for their own business to go on smoothly. Big people and or BRAINS are bought by the governments in countries. At the same time they undermine the theme and thoughts of those of religion, revolution and discovery.What good it brings when we celebrate few holidays of muslims, jews, christians, hindus and few holidays for revolution and for political leaders. Nothing is feeding those empty stomachs for 365 days. Nothing is giving us '8 hours a day' work guaranty and or job security. Celebrating those historical events are 'wasting time' for the proletariat people. No matter what holiday we enjoy for a day or two but such go for the benefit of Governmental business but not for us. So, I say with Nora, "why bother"?

  9. That's it!!!!!!!!!! It is told the best and shows everything.No comment.But You know why these small countries created.Because in the halls there are many purchasers to government ,big money,left businesses, different configurations and many matters,stepping with their legs to these profits don't care about anyone and anything,using big words to proof why it is needed to create m the new country.Nothing else.The big wards about democrations are only.I wrote the poem about it.In Polish it sounds better but in English maybe less but the sense is adequeted, "Hopelesness”

  10. Nora, you said it all. I absorbed what you said in here. Let me just add on few more words. "Small countries are Prisons, Citizens are slave prisoners, their leaders and governments are GANGSTERS".

  11. Well, I know few more. First we have to sit down and found our base with agendas. But thing is, everybody is living in different countries. Right now I am in Frankfurt and in few weeks I will be heading for canada. But I love to contact and see you.

  12. If I can have got your support so it means that I'm not alone.For that I will stop crying.Now, I can see the light in the tunnel that maybe sometnhing can change a little though and we have 4 hands.Maybe anyone will want to join us too.

  13. Maybe it would be good,but it wouldn't b e possible.To USA I need a visa, to both of them I need big money.I 'm not so rich.:( 🙂

  14. May be one day, right time will come to you. Is it hard to get a visa for the people of Poland? If you get the visa, food and board will be on me.:)

  15. Very hard,only for Poland which is ,so called , American government's Friends.Maybe for that.Because all Europe don't need visas,only Poland.:(

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