Today it was the sunny and quite warm day though the wind was a little strong so I could go for a longer walk.The first time ,I could see the blooming magnolias in my town and so many green plants,grass and other flowers too but these Magnolias were the most beautiful of all ot them.The petals are so fragile and the colors so soft that I was afraid to touch them and their beuuty charmed me that I couldn't stop me against taking their pics and save them for ever in thses pics and at once a poem started to write in my mind.I only wrote down it when came back home.Here it is this very short poem.[/COLOR]

"The beauty of Magnolias"

The world isn't so bad
When in the spring-time
there are blooming Magnolias,

And then about the smile it is easier,
And a boy loves different ,
And a girl loves hotter,
Magnolias,blooming Magnolias.
The world can be nicer then
Whenthere are blooming Magnolias,
The sky is more blue,
The sun's shining stronger,
And birds are more cheerful singing,
When it Magnolias are blooming,

Magnolias ,blooming Magnolias,
And I can easier breath
With this spring fresh air,
And it seems me then
that the world can't be bad.

Besides of Magnolias other flowers are blooming too in full beauty.


  1. Nora, it is a glorious spring morning… The luscious green lawns still glistened with morning dew and the white pebbles that covered the footpaths sparkled in the early sunlight. New-born young leaves sprouted from tree branches and the first rosebuds in the round flowerbeds had unfolded overnight, perfuming the air with their sweet scent. An atmosphere of an almost holy tranquility lay over the circuit of maintenance of my home-town park, its undisturbed stillness interrupted only occasionally by the faint twittering sound of young starlings in their nests above, as they hungrily awaited their feed.Yes, i was thinking of my, so few, best friends…about this Post and your work they donĀ“t need my words because you know how much i can tell with my silence, thanks for your inner beauty!

  2. At your place and at my place we can feel and see the same .The wonder and beauty of nature in the spring time.It means that when a human wants to see and feel it,they will find them in different parts of the world but when people have covered their eyes and mind and feelings so they are closed on this beauty too and they won't never see it.Thank you for your so very nice comment.

  3. hey..shanelayser,nora,nice to see u.wondering blog.full of beautifull flowers and colourful,here.look so fresh.l love flowers.l feel comfort when l see the beauty of nature.ln my country,we also have many beauty of nature views.nora u cn see it in my pictr's blog…same with u,l love beauty of nature..

  4. Thank you.I think that people who have sensibilities they can see more than people without of them and always notice the nature beauty.Your comment is very kind to me.Have a nice time.:)

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