Flowers in my very tiny garden under my window in the spring time.FOR JENNY AND HER MOTHER!
and my tiny plum tree.
Now spring is more often more beautiful,more colorful and green.Only butterflies are sleeping yet because nights are cold yet and this night it is even -5 degrees Celciuos and I afraid of my flowers.They can freeze.The older spring's sister Winter tries to stop her younger sister.She doesn't want to understand that her time finished and time to go away.But she will have to leave and at least she leave away for many months.I hope that my flowers keep this cold.
the  rose the  rose the  rose the  rose
Today it was really a very nice day,sunny and warm so I went for a walk.Spring is full of beauty.Bushes and trees cover with leaves and buds of flowers.I couldn't keep myself before taking some photos.Here they are.[/COLOR]

46 thoughts on “BEAUTY OF SPRING

  1. Thingsofme (Coisasdemim) # Ε›roda, 15 kwietnia 2009 21:03:58
    Those eyes my friend, those eyes!

    Welcome.I'm under the big impression.I've just inserted these photos and you noticed them at once.You have got very good eyes.REALLY.Thank you for your visiting.:) :up:

  2. Nora donΒ΄t thank me for all the pleasure that your sensibility gives to me when i see your posts and pictures…

  3. Hi nora..Whadda wonderful pics.. Wow..Thats really look fresh, the air so clearly..I think you can be a photographer..Btw.. Hows your day nora?..:).Can i say hello to your friends nora?Hi..coasasdemim.. Its nice to see u..:D.

  4. How nice the spring is in your country. It is often much worse in my country. Tiny rain all day long. Very wet and muddy streets. :down: The only nice thing but it may bring you a surprise: leaves fall in the spring, like in the fall. Many kinds of leaves turn golden or red and fall down then. πŸ˜€

  5. Thank   you  with   a   rose
    FOR YOUR SO VERY NICE COMMENTS!Thanks Risis,I'm ok.Of course you can say Hello.It nice of your side.HI hughchips2006.I don't jelous you.I know what means wet and mud and grey sky.I don't like such a weather too but you always can visit me and see different weather here.I will try to insert the photos with nice weather for you too. Hi maryamt08.I'm glad that you liked these photos and I COULD make you a pleasure.All pleasure on my side. COFFEE FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!!

  6. Wow.. Thanks for the.:coffee:.Btw.. I've made new posts and its poems, would you please to visit my side..nora..And am glad that you are..:). See u there soon..

  7. Thanks. How nice these glasses of coffee. Nora, you always have interesting animated pictures. :yes: Did you make them yourself? :confused: πŸ™‚

  8. Many thanks for this card .You see , you are and artist at making nice compositions not only a good photographer.loves :heart: :angel: πŸ™‚ :p

  9. Welcome you all.I'm happy that you can feel here relaxed and peaceful. hughchips – some only I did on my own but not all,I'm not so talented.Some of them I get from Internet but thank you very much.HI SHANELAYSER.Nice to meet you on my page.
    This animation I did by myself espacially for you.In this way I would like to say "Thank you for so nice comments.:heart: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. I was little late to see ur photos,it is so so so beautiful,"Your words shows your mind and the mind express your words and thoughts"

  11. Welcome you, SHANELAYSER and pramodpp, and I very glad that I can make a little joy to you.It is important for good life too.The world and life can be enough sad that to make it much sadder.We all need more joys so I try to give it though a little in this way on my side.Fell well here,All pleasure on the my side.Have a good time .:)

  12. Hello!! I think I'm little late..Those pictures are very beautiful and Nora you have a really good vision…(seeing those pictures).. Thanks for presenting them on your blog.. And also for the beautiful soft touch of nature in your writing..To hugh- hi! Here in India, Spring is also very nice.. I also dislike(not hate πŸ˜€ ) the season of rain. But Spring is almost gone in our locality and it's begining of Summer (and still temp. 40deg C… / but 30% humidity is giving a little relief though)So we are all just waiting staring at the sky for may be some rain.. :)Thanks to u Nora again.. For Spring.. I was missing it and this year it stayed just a month and half of it and my final exam was going on.. So I really missed it.. I love nature and so Spring also..(and we say Spring is the season of heaven).. So thanks for bringing me back into my heaven.. :happy:And I want to say Hello to everyone…!!

  13. And one thing I missed in previous comment is that:I'm very much pleasured after going through your conversations here.. All of you are very much good in talking… At least well enough to give most readers enormous joy and pleasure… Thanks to all.

  14. THank you very much for your so joyful comment and visiting my blog,It's very nice of you and an enormous pleasure to me .That's wonderful that you have got your exams behind you and it is so that they are always in the spring time – the very nice season of the year.In my country in the spring time blooms chestnuts,appple trees and love too,so all wait for this season.I'm glad that I could make you a pleasure too with my blog and pictures .Good luck and have a nice time and good fun after your exams.I invite you again.:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :angel: :p :up:

  15. :hi: everyone. Risis, glad to see you again. :)Sorry I miss your greetings, prtkds and maryamt08. I'm happy to talk to you. prtkds: I don't hate the rainy weather either but the tinny rain for a week with its terribly high humidity. πŸ˜€ In the summer rain helps us much especially when the temperature is nearly 40. Is it often so high in your country? Here in HaNoi we often have the highest of 39, but we feel very tired then. noramaj: I like your photos (Have you added some?), and I think you are very good at art.:up:

  16. Well thanks to you Nora.. I have another and last exam tomorrow… So I'm concentrating in revision.. I'll be free tomorrow…And thanks to you hugh: oh yes it's the result of global worming.. Average is 36-38 and highest is 40-45 in very hottest middle of May or June but for last couple of years it is much much by day.. Even after 9:30am it's difficult to go out into the road for terrible heat.. After sunset a mild air from south to north gives few relief… About that drop of a rain:- here is a nice sms which uses the term "drop of rain" very sweetly- "A drop of rain may be seems too small, but somewhere a thirsty flower awaits its fall..A sms is also too small but it means sending your heart.. It reminds of you.."… I guess I wrote it correctly ( πŸ˜† )Thanks to all… I'm glad to meet all of you. And my name is Prateek…Good day.. πŸ™‚

  17. HI : hughchips yes , today I took some new photos and I will write a new post to them,First I need a little time .When I will writew and insert this photos you will see. Hi.prtkds I see that too hot weather can tire everybody.In summer we have the hot weathe and very high temperature , too and then I hade in the cellar.Th:) :p ere it is colder.But suchn hot weather last only for 3 or 4 months b ut rest months can only warm(three months) but the rest cold,very cold and freeze.

  18. Hi… Prtdks.. Nice to meet you here..Yes.. We have the nice conversation here.. And you welcme here…:).Hai chips..:D.Hai nora.. I miss u..:).

  19. Hi to everybody.. Thank u nora… Thank u risis…. Today, the temperature is too hot here.. And I'm in my room after a very long distressful journey.. And I'm so tired.. But the day was not so bad at all and I'll write on it soon…Nora: It seems there are lots of ups and downs in temperature on your locality.. Oh in ours winter is not so cold minimum 9degs and normally 12-15degs… Not freezing so lots of birds come here from northern asia..during cold days.. Ok.. Thanks for such a great and huge welcome ( πŸ˜† )… I'm sooooo….. HAPPY… :)I think I should take a deep and cool sleep with a nice dream cause today it's all end of school days.. :D:o ( ) — )) ( )

  20. Did YOUR axams pass by succesfully? You are right,now you should rest after so hardworking time to your exams.So have nice nap.Sleep well.:zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :p

  21. Welcome home then prateek..:p.Nora.. I need you in my new post.. Please..:(.And to you too prateek..:love:.Welcome to both of you..:up:..:heart:.

  22. Hi risis.I was and I have read it but for my commm ent you must wait a little when I will have a little more time.Your post needs more my attention and answer so be patient.Ok?
    Hi Prateek. Now you see that sleeping the best way for resting.Have a good time to both of you.
    Good  work

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