A H A P P Y E A S T E R !!!

On the 12th of April there’s EASTER the traditional holiday in the Spring Time.The emblams of This time are varied and numerous from fluffy 1 -day-old chickens or ducks,hares,baby rabbits and newborn lambs to springtime flowers like daffodils,dangling catkins and arum lily.All signify some aspect of Nature’s reawakennig.Yet the emblem which surpasses all in popularity is The Easter egg.At one time, eggs were among the foods forbidden during Lent,and the custom arose for people to paint them in gey colors and to give them to friends, members of family and relations as a mark of effection and joy. In my country is the tradition to dye or paint of egg’s shells with different colors or different decorations. All true gifts express effection and remembrance and a symbol of hope and promise for all spring and summer.We seldom ask ourselves how eggs first became a Christian symbol. First eggs were associated with the idea of eternity and the people used to offer them to their gods in thanksgiving at their spring holidays. The Christian saw that they are the perfect symbol for Resurection which symbolise the reawakennig of Jesus Christ.Todays they are rather colorful addition to decorate this holiday.
It is other kind of food with bread which is blessed in the churches and eaten for Easter holiday on Holly Sunday.On Monday , there’s the second day which is called the ลšmigus -dyngus , it means , that on this day ,it is the custum to pour people with water.It isn’t a pleasant day for me so on this day I always stay at home and don’t go out anywhere.It is safer.No one can pour cold water on me .


24 thoughts on “EGGS FOR EASTER!!!

  1. HI.Nice to meet you reading a new post on my blog again and many thanks for such a nice comment of this post.I didn't think that will be like a reportage but I only would like to write about this holiday.Your comment made me a big pleasure.Many thanks. These one-day Easter chicks are especially for you for this nice comment.

  2. My dear friend certainly you where born for journalism reportage…nice Post, splendid text! It seems to me that Nordic Countries live the celebrations of Easter in a more pronounced way…

  3. Many thanks for the chicks, they are so delicate and tender!Without doubt, you are an artist and a diplomat!What is the date of your birth?

  4. Lovely eggs! :up:Though Easter is not celebrated widely in my country, but I often see how people around the world celebrate it on TV. I often see these colorful eggs and I am very impressed. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Many of them have amazing decorations. Do you often decorate eggs yourselves? :eyes: ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Yes, I even paint the with the pictures on them too for keeping them for many years as a gift for my family and I did one for my student.She wanted such an egg too and she keeps it go on and take it out for this holiday.This Easter rabbit is for you.It is one of the symbols of this holiday:p ๐Ÿ™‚ :up:

  6. Thanks. It is so cute. :love: I don't know rabbit is the symbol of Easter. Can you tell me what else are its symbols? I have little knowledge about this holiday except the beautiful colorful eggs. Thanks for the helpful post. It helps me know more about it. :)P/S: – Are you a teacher? – Why don't you post some photos of your eggs in your blogs? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I'm sure many people will like seeing them? ๐Ÿ’ก

  7. Oh Thank you. Every newborn chik,ducks,hares,rabbit,lamb and catkins,daffodils,special food like soup called ลปurek with white sausuage and an egg. In the past , many people in the European courts ordered special eggs at Faberge,They were made of gold and decorated with jewlleries,poor people colored the with onion peels,betroot or green vegetables,now people can buy numerous of colorful paints and they dye or paint with paints too. The gold egg and the Farbege egg But the eggs are the most important symbols on this time, symbols of waking new life in the spring time and good wishes for and this year harvest.It is avery important for people especially in the villages.People lives thanks their good harvest.:)

  8. Thank you for your information.In this way we can know many things about our customs,traditions and names of different things and we can enrich our knowledge about the world. That's very usefull nad nice.:p

  9. Oh, I like this. The symbols of waking new life in the spring time and good wishes for this year harvest. I am often impressed by the beauty of eggs (the third of the three eggs look so nice!!! :heart:), and now by its good sense. I think now I have more to explain the meaning of Easter to my students. Thank you so much. :yes: P/s: Do rich people make egg of real gold? I have never had an idea of it.:yikes:

  10. I know there have been gold eggs made but I don't know much about them.Nora's eggs are beautiful don't you think?:yes:

  11. Thank you for this what you told but in my country people do on their own, though not like mine but colorful too. I sometimes give them as a gift to my neighbours and my family.They collect them.Last year I did for my student and she has got go on and she told that this year she took out it to put on her desk on Easter time.This year I did only these ones and I didn't give to anyone.I decided to leave them to me.I had no any my eggs at home.I always did them for others.:p

  12. Yes, you keep some for you!!! They are beautiful works of art. I knew you were talented but these are very special. :yes:

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