IT IS APRIL THE 1 st 2009 but the next month of Spring.For 3 days we have more sun and the temperature is higher.On the beach the swans feel spring too.Wonderful Royal Birds.Very Friendly. You can sea them on this Video.



  1. You can see this video thanks your help because you have tought me how to insert it on my blog and for that I thank you again:) :angel: :heart: .It's very nice to hear that you like them.I love swans .They are the special birds ,The couple is together till to the end of their lives and when one of them dies the other is alone to the end of its life too.They together grow up their children very tender.When I will make a video of all family of course , both – parents and children I will insert them for you too.Ok?Oh,I would like to ask you ,if it is a possibility to insert a video in a comment too ? If so , how can I do it? Do you know?If so , I would be very grateful for such a lesson too.:) :sst: :heart:

  2. You've found this video.My applause.And thank you for your comment.Here for all this week has been sunny and quite warm but today it was 21 in a shadow and 28 in the sun and at night it was 16.It was really warm. And tomorrow it will be the same weather- sunny and warm like today.It makes me very happy.I hate cold and this winter was quite long and very snowy and cold,Autumn was cold and rainy and windy too so it was most months cold so I was looking forward this spring and here it is.I wish you the same weather , not only outside but inside of you too.:) :p :up: :yes: :yes:

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