1st of April is THE FOOL'S DAY!
In many countries April 1 st is the day which people play jokes on their friends,neighbours and memmbers of family,making them into this day.One year it was the "documentary" on British TV showing Italians harvesting spaghetti from trees.!Nobody knows how and when this custom began(though there are several theories)A rhyme published in 1760 [/SIZE]said:

The first of April,some do say
Is set apart for ALL FOOL'S DAY.
But why the people call it so
Nor I nor they themselves do know.!!!


11 thoughts on “THE FOOL’S DAY on THE FIRST DAY OF APRIL!!

  1. You are welcome. I understand that you wouldn't kiss this donkey but it wants to kiss you.ok.I will wait for your message and thank you for your very kind statment.Keep warm yourself.:heart: :angel: 🙂

  2. Hi, nora, i won't kiss that donkey..I love fools day, but i'm not often to did that,so happy fools day to u..Bout what we talking bout i'll send u as soon as i able to by opera.. I'm in the line now.. So i couldn't replied any messages..Well thank you my dear friend nora..I love you as my sis now..

  3. We call it fishing day because the joking is similar to fishing ! I was a fish on that day when my single sister said she's pregnant :yikes:

  4. Pregnant?… Yepphee..Good for you nuoi-day…:D.Did she told you the truth or just anther joke of fishng day..anyway..?..:eyes:.

  5. Oh god..:eyes:..Thats why i never used it nora..Just to scared for me..And my country used it say APRIL MOP..But i never had a courage to did that..

  6. In my country , we call it PRIMA APRILIS and we have a proverb " PRIMA APRILLIS _ BE CAREFUL BECAUCE YOU WILL make a mistake" and on this day , people make different jokes too.My student told me that she cheated her husbund, a teacher too.She phoned to him that she stole something at shop and the Police arrested her.Her father was very frightened so when she told hiem that it was only a PRIMA APRILIS'es joke , he couldn't believe ,turned off the phone and in a momment phoned to her again and told that she must free herself on her m own because he wouldn't go for her,turned off again and again phoned to her and told her that she shouldn't make such a jo kes because he nearly got an heart attack.:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

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