The beginnings of International Women's Day descend from the working – class movements in Northern America and Europe.The first celebrations of National the Women's Day took the place the 28th of February 1909 r. in United States. They were begun by Socialist Party of America for commeration of the strike a year earlier of the employees'women of the clothes industry against bad conditions of work .
In 1910 Socialist Internationale in Copenhagen set up the International Women's Day celebrated on the whole world on the 3rd March, which had to serve of the promotion of an idea the women's rights as well as building social support for general electoral rights for all women .
In 1945, The Card of The United Nations was the first international undersigned document confirming the principle equality of women's and men's
.During sixty years , UN took part in working out the international strategies, standards, programmes and promoting aims raising women's rights.
The organization of United Nations and its the specialized agendas propagate participation of the women in realization of aims of sedate development of peace, safety ,the equal rights and the full respect the man rights. The problems of emancipating women is in the centre of workings UN on fields of social – economically – political on the whole world.The Women's Day is the official holiday at present time and men hand over the familiar women flowers and gifts.
?I'm not sure.There are countries where women still haven't got any rights.They depends of men.They can't decide of their daily life too and their treating has been very often very cruel yet.
I wish these women and all others everything what is the best!!


17 thoughts on “THE WOMEN’S DAY

  1. I heard this day is not well celebrated in European or America. It's quite nice in our country where the women have flowers, gifts, wishes and various nice things. Ideally, husbands will try to do all houseworks so that the wifes can have a relax and enjoyful day.

  2. HI Nuoi-Day-Con and yulenka. You have well.In my country the authorities tell that this day it is a comunist day so it shouldn't celebrate.But looking above what wrote about it,it doesn't come from Russia like say our authorities but from USA.What we wouldn't say it is a good holiday.A lot of women have no any rights and are treated bad.Yulenka.I gave a link on your blog with the video of your dancing to my student .He is a dancer and he still has practiced different kinds of dances, he dance in different country's competitions so maybe you will be able to exchange your experiences in dancing. You can read about him on his blog. his nick is WarnerBros. and here is his link.I think that that it can inerest you.There are slides and videos with his and his girlpartner dancing.Maybe you will like it.He is very short on Opera only 5 days.Maybe you will want to see this slides of dancing. If so – good fun.Best wishes to both of you.:)

  3. Thank you Nora :)He already wrote me :)But..dances are only my hobby,and for him I think it cannot be interesting :)Besids of it he is very young :)As for womens day…I like it and never connected to communists!It is a day when every woman has its portion of attention 😉

  4. I think only about dancing and exchanging dance experience nothing more.He has no any phobies.He is interstested in dancing and learnig nothing else. I only think about it.But you can see photos of dancing and salsa and maybe others which he will insert.He dances for 11 years and I know that interested in dancing so maybe you would like to see photos ,that's all.Have a nice evening.

  5. Hi Nuoi-Day-Con and Yulenka .Yulenka, I have something for you in my last post.The Polish legend about our common history and the similarities of our languages. Maybe it will like to you? 🙂 Is there a legend about our common history in your country too?

  6. Simple.You upload your imagae or slideshow in photobucket.OK. You follow these steps : 1) You open the site : http://photobucket.com2) Creat account or sign in (if you have available account)3) After signing in, go to "MY ALBUM" at the top menu, then select the option "ALMUM AND UPLOAD" 4) It will open a new interface. At the window of "UPLOAD IMAGE & VIDEO", you click to "CHOOSE FILE" and pick up the file you want to upload. 5) After it's loaded, you will see the file in the Album below the upload window. 6) Move mouse to photo, you will see 4 links. Select the HTML Code, Copy it and paste to your blog entry or comment. That finish. Try and let me see your slideshow or animations.

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