SPRING!! this is this time of the year which I like the most after the long and cold winter .Days are more and more longer and warmer. This year's winter was exceptionally cloudy with the very little quantity of the sun which influenced on my fatigue and sleepiness .The spring begins on the 21st of March but there were already 4 sunny days so I could go out for a long walk to feel the first rays of the sun. They woke up me at once how a bear of the winter sleeping and whole sleepness went away somewhere .The air was already different ,so fresh .I was feeling the spring in it .Under my window the first flowers bended their gentle white buds from the snow. These were snowdrops.They were so fragile . The symbol of the early spring . Soon after them the crocuses will put out their colourful heads in the primroses' company . At once it wanted to live .And when I went to nearby forest , under trees I saw the green and white carpet of the snowdrops.I knew – The spring is near at hand near at hand .It's coming . And it won't go away .Like the beauty girl run across FORESTS,PARKS,MEADOWS AND GARDENS too.

"Spring in the Park
and not only”

I'm going through the empty yet park,
Looking at the first signs of spring,
I'm looking around,
The trees and shrubs stand empty,
yet sad, grey without leaves.
But there under the trees there are
The first flowers of this spring.
They appeared among the grass ,
Their tiny white heads bending down ,
Like they would invite me to them –
Then snowdrops,
First symbols of this spring,
The sun pushes through shyly,
Lighting up the park with its warm rays,
I already know now , the spring will come soon,
It will sow butterflies and colourful flowers
It will bloom with beautiful colours.
I have hope ,that I will meet then
There my love

Though the distance divides yet us,
Then we will go together by the life

Believing in the destination.
I close my eyes and I dream
Beautiful poems and promises
Of the great love ,
caresses and hot kisses,
And though it is so far,
I have a hope ,
That I will meet it here,
That I will go with it
Through this park together,
Looking at the spring weather
Around us and in our hearts.

by E.M> tranlated by E.M. too


31 thoughts on “THE SPRING IS COMING!!

  1. Yeah.. Am the lucky number 1.. About your poem…its brilliant.. I love poem.. Also the new posting about the springtime.. I couldnt imagine that.. And thats why i always be here in ur new blog.. Have a nice spring time nora..

  2. Is it the song? very nice.I think that none babies don't hurt you.In spring time all are nice and kind.Don't worry.Good fun.:) :p :p

  3. The Spring is the timewhenLove touches every each heartwhenBus appear on the trees in the very early morningswhenCourting couples are walking side by side under the beautiful sunlightwhenone after one is on the top of falling in loveand What's love?it's the Spring with the only my dear, my sweet honey.:smile: :sing: :drunk: :flirt: …………………………………………………………yes, like a song:what's Love? Babe don't hurt me, no more, no more …………….

  4. yeah, the last sentence is a song, but i don't remember the title, sorry…well, surely people all are nice and kind in springU2!

  5. The title isn,t so important,it isn't a competition but the song and it sounds nice and it is importatnt and that people would be always nice and kind not only in spring.:) :up:

  6. Hai..nora how r u today? Hope great..hi to you too ariful2.. By the way i made a new posting please leave a cmment on that…thanks . Also to you ariful2 you are welcome too..

  7. Hi.Thank you risis.I'm personally ok.You are very kind but I have a problem with my inbox.I can't answer the messages,Something demaged with this.There isn't this chart with confirm and with delate too and I can't read when anything is written down.What happened with this I don't know.Maybe Will I reinstall the Opera, maybe it fix it.But than you for your kidness.:(

  8. Thank you tranvuthaomy, and I'm glad that you like it. you see , the spring is coming so winter had to go away from my top disign.:)

  9. Yeah great idea nora.. Just try it.. Bytheway, please visit my blog, and leave a cmment, everybody just there, yulenka,wandrsman, lilua and yulenka,sojka… And others.. I want my friends first to fill my cmment box..thanks dear nora..

  10. Of course I will visit it.Don't worry if I will be able to do it yet.Somthing not work well on my blog and opera.Reinstaling didn't help.Problem is go on.I thought about delating all my blog and do other somewhere.But I still have tried to try with it.I will see what it will be.:) 😦

  11. Hows now nora? You made it? Hope you can solved it.. And thank you for your comment.. I pruciated it..nora..have good day …

  12. Hi.Risis. I didn't solved the problem on my own but when went inbox it was working so now it's ok.Thank you. I wrote two spring poems and I will insert them on the 21st of March so you can read them and comment too. It will be nice to me.Rather good night.It's 3.15 a.m. and I'm going to sleep now so bye and have a good time.:) :zzz:

  13. Hi!maryamt08.Spring is real so you can got to this park and see it with your own eyes and have a good fun.Good luck.:)

  14. Thank you nora just couldn't wait those poems… And i'll be there,when it already posts.. Good nite my dear friend nora.. Have a good dream…:yes:…

  15. The lovely thoughts of the poem appreciating alote, The new flowers, butterflies, Different colors and fragnent may realy enjoyable for you throughout the seasons. Hope so!

  16. HI! everyone.Many thanks for your comments.I'm glad that I could make you a pleasure.Your comments are very kind to me and for that I thank you again.Have a nice time to all of you and best wishes.:) :heart:

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