Winter still has kept.

Hardly visible cars all covered with the snow, covered up streets, great snow-drifts, and this all adorned with all-embracing cold. It was on Sunday so, and the meteorologists foresee that before us almost whole week with frost and the falls of snow.

You can see more photos on slides under this link.,28385,0,1,1,polska-w-sniegu,wideo.html


8 thoughts on “Winter still has kept.

  1. I wish i could visit your home town..its awesome..its snowing.. In my country indonesia is always sunny.. We don't have 4 seasons.. Thropical country.. Its hot.. But its ok.. I luv my country..

  2. Thank you for your comment. In my country it's cold for most months.I don't like cold. It is tiring.For most time I must wear warm clothes.I don't like it.But you are right ,winters look fabulous especialy just after falling snow but make troubles in daily life too.Have a good time.:)

  3. You can visit m y page all the time and you will have a will have a wonderful of winter without being cold.. Till spring this winter views will be here.Good fun.!:)

  4. Have nice day but I changed my page because , oh see up , the spring is coming so I had to change this winter .I'm sorry that you can't enjoy with it any more.Maybe next winter.But now you can read about spring and my poem about spring too if you wish.Have a nice time.Good night I'm coming to sleep.It's 1::) :p 😦 :zzz: 38 a.m.

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