H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ‘S D A Y 14.February


Love rules with its own Rights ,
Love sometimes comes even we don't want it ,
In love like in the life happens differently,
With love the time not always flows away to us wonderfully.
However, we love with a big trust
when its time will come .

The Love custom of St.Valentine's Day almost spread in the whole human world in last years. In mediaeval Europe , it has been thought , according to the truth anyway, that in the half of February the birds join in couples. They say , that the count of Orlean – Charles,(,kept in the prison in The London Tower), wrote the first such letter to his wife in France in 1415 year. However, the primitive origin of this holiday is more ancient and completely Roman- Pagan – "The Luperkalia". This holiday has already been celebrated in the day of Holy Valenty, from 14th to 15th of February. In this day people give the "valentine cards". They are usually give the valentine cards, poems or amorous confession, sometimes congratulatory scrolls and presents. The wish is given in this way, that in this day all wish the Valentine's wishes of fulfilment of dreams and the happiness to all of being in love in this day . May Valentine evening would be always exceptional for you too .However, since several years, at beginning of the XXI age, this tradition becomes more and more and more general . Obviously, there are also furious enemies of this holiday too.Those ones being in opposition of Valentine cards ,seem to be the furious enemies of love and every ways of it expression.It also appears the voices, that the Valentine cards had to be pleasant holiday traditions of enamoured which has already celebrated in ancient Rome .Luperkalia (Lupercalia) the old Roman religious holiday was already set up by Euandrosa and celebrated on the 15th of February, and exactly telling on the 14/15th of February , that the day 14th of February is the Eve of this holiday .The history of Valentine cards, like the similarly majority of holidays, were celebrated in our culture and its custom, was adapted by Christianity then .
If it is love – so there are and divinations.Some people believed, that woman's future depends of this what they will see in Valentine card. If she saw the flying thrush over her head, this meant that she wiould get marry to a husband who will be a sailor . If it was a sparrow – so a poor fellow wiould be her husband but she would be very happy in this relationship.The Goldfinch meant a millionaire and the life in affluence. The most of these customs had to be a good sign on the future and to guarantee the marriage with chosen bachelor .

Here the mother's love.
Very important.
All beings need her love.


43 thoughts on “H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ‘S D A Y 14.February

  1. Tears do come so easily these days. Tears of joy, tears of fear. The most difficult thing is to not be able to tell the people you love and care for how you feel. To always keep all feelings bottled up…Maybe you will always be alone with your thoughts and feelings but if you think about it, would it be that bad? It is you that matters, your feelings, your mood and whatever makes you happy is alright.

  2. Thank you for your comment.Everything what you told it was true.I always think the same.And you are very kind and a getleman as usually.:)

  3. Great time Great comments!Happy valentine's DayHappy valentine's DayHappy valentine's DayI am always your Olvantine! (vietnam multivitamin milk :D)Have a sweet valentine's Day!Jerome :HUGS:


  5. Hi.pramodpp. I think similar but I can add that in this we should stop for a while and think also about others and about love people and show it to them maybe it will give more good for future and less hatred and violence between people and that they will be more friendly to others and more tolerant to each other, too For that we should use this day to show our good feelings to each other so HAPPY VASLENTINE'S DAY!!!.Thnak you for the comment and a happy time.:) πŸ™‚ :p :p :up: :heart:

  6. :cry:I m crying…4 my name..u u u mistakeit.wht u hav done!!!i m soooooo much angry on u…i wil not talk wit u.:cry::cry::cry:

  7. hmmmm….i m just joking…..i did not mind seriously…IN friendship everything goes….I m also sorry coz,i hav made u tensed.plz…4give me

  8. This could be any passionate dialog in Valentine's Day : "…give me a tomorrow full of promises easy and shallow and tonight lead my body to places where my senses canΒ΄t follow!"

  9. OK.I think that we stop on this. We can forgive to each other.But I corrected your name. You are right I shouldn't make such a horrible mistake and I promise I will never make it .Ok?Of course in friendship everything goes.Best wishes and have a nice time. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :p :up:

  10. Did very interesting Aliens land? Very intersting.:p πŸ™‚ :alien: Can you tell how did you inserted it in the comment.I tried many times and I couldn't.I don't know how to do it?I can't.:( πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. What a very intresting story, you put down on the valentine's day. I agree with that love is diffrent, but i say also that it is the fear of the unknown. Thankoh.

  12. I'm glad that you liked it.Thank you for yor comment.You should'nt fear of unknown.It can be interesting and good too.When there are people who want to know unknown things and places they can discover a lot of things and we can experience them too thanks that.So don't be afraid of unkown.:) :p

  13. Oh.I'm fine thanks and you? Thank you for this wishes.That's right.it's the woman's day so we can drink coffee with chocolate and smell the wonderfull scent of roses. NIce weekend to you too.And loves for Jenny.She is a woman too though so tiny but a woman.:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :coffee: :heart: :up: Thanks Amota but you are kind and I think so.Have a nice time.:)

  14. I thank for your wishes and I think that risis will read them too and thanks you when she will be here.Now , probably:) πŸ™‚ she is sleeping.

  15. Ye she is , i am supposed to be sleeping now also but when i opened my eyes and u are on i say let me chart with u. But i will b going back to my bed soon.

  16. Oh.So it is evening and time to bed too so good night is just right at this time.First day ok.I was at the sea and walk along the pier watching the sea,seagulls and swans.A o lot of them.The day was sunny but very cold because of strong cold wind but besides of there were crowds of people too.I've taken some vidos of it too.The second was sad.Not far from my town there was a terrible fire of the social hotel which started at 00.20 a.m.THe hotel burnt very quickly.Many people and children burnt too.We all were in shock.The firemen only catched throwing out children and jumping people of the windows.It wasn't a good day.And you? How did you spend your Easter time?

  17. Ah! That is a breaking news, may the soul of the affected ones rest in pace, in Jesus Amen. That is nature for we to be in diffrent time variation, well i Enjoyed the weekend.

  18. sorry 4 interepting…Oh ! norathat was really a bad day…4 u.but feeling better 2 hear dat u visited seabeach.and enjoyed it quite a lot.thanks 4 ur visit….but d incident happened dat day, it was really shocking.i m feeling bad 4 D people….

  19. Thank you for your good wards.Today,I'm ok and thank you for your visiting.Yes,I spent some hours at the beach and on the pier.There were crawds of people walking like me though it was very cold with very cold wind but sunny.I made some videos from this walking at the sea with a lot of swans and seagulls and these crawds of people.. too.I think that I did good going at the sea.I relaxed.

  20. Hey guys…Hi nora.. I miss u..:heart:.Hi amota.. Thank you for those words.. Even its to late for me to know it.. Just like nora's said, i will read it when i am here..Yes and i finally here..So..Hows the easter weekend.. Hope just great moments.. Just like derWandersmann,he had a long vication and he also his b'day at that day so i wanna to shout him from your blog nora..:D…HAPPY B'DAY dW..BEST WISHES FOR YOU..And for all of us..Btw..I've a new post in my page.. Would you come and read it, nora?..Thanks again for being nice to me.. For you too amota..:))

  21. Goodmorning "R I S I S" you have been a nice person, thank you " N O R A" for adding me as your friend, and happy birthday to you "DW", have a nice day you all,

  22. Happy birthday to me?derWandersmann had his birthday.My birthday is in May.But I thank you for your wish.It can be ahead. HI Risis.I can see that you have been found and you visited me again.It's nice.Thank you.:) :p

  23. "Birthday bring along a truly wonderful chance to leave aside every care and simply enjoy. Have an Extra-special birthday."

  24. It's 15th of May. Not too long.You should be proud of your daughter amnd I believe that she will be a wonderful girl. Loves for you and:) :queen: for your daughter.:heart: :heart: :flirt:

  25. Yeah.. And less 35 days.. My daughter will have another year to face off.. And she getting close to be a wonderful girl..Thanks god for gave me a gorgeous princess….And when exactly your date of birth nora?..:).

  26. Yes you're right.. Amota..And also with you.. You're also our friends..:)).:heart:.Btw nora.. I've made a new post.. Would you like to visit my side?..And to you too amota..I have a new one..about Indonesia..

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