Winter in POLAND



12 thoughts on “Winter in POLAND

  1. Thank you very much.I invite you to POLAND .yOU WILL FIND A LOT OF SNOW HERE ESPECIALLY THAT The weather forcast says that it goes a new wafe of snow and frost too.And you can ski in Tatra Maountains and and make snowmen too. You can do everything what can do of the snow and in the snow. Good fun.!!!!:up: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :p

  2. Hi, I'm from Viet Nam. I've never seen any scenery that is more beautiful like this. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. The snow made it so splendid!

  3. Thank you for your comment. Yes the view of winter scenery is splendid and when someone like skiing so can find perfect place for spending winter holidays.:) :up:

  4. what a beautiful scenery! My daughter wishes she could ski in such a beautiful place like this when she grow up!

  5. Oh yes .It is really a beautiful scenery but very cold too.Of course there are many perfect places for skiing too.Our ski jumpers which won some competitions and championships has trained there.Maybe you have heard about our champion ADAM MAŁYSZ or last week our gold champion Justyna Kowalczyk who's won 2 gold medals , one brown and 2 cristal globs for skiing in the World Championship .Both of them have trained in my country so I invite to my country for skiing.Maybe your daughter will like it.Thank you for a comment and Good Luck in skiing in my country. πŸ™‚ :up:

  6. I believe that so and then you will have a chance to admire the beauty of the country. You can read about three places which I discribed on my blog page 2 and 3.It is JordanΓ³w,Toporzysko and Cracow – the old capital city of Poland for 750 years.Of course maybe will interest with the legends about Cracow so you can find them probably on page 3 or 4, of course if you will wish.Good night now.It's 3,23 a.m. I'm going to sleep now.:) :zzz:

  7. Sleep Well! It's morning now in my country πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D. I'll have a glance at the pages U suggest πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  8. Yeah, Poland is a good place to visit. Some of my friends (after returning from P) said this is a very nice country and people are very friendly too. Hope our family have a chance to go there somedays :happy: :happy:

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