It sometimes seems to us, that two different men live in us. One which all acts perfectly and we present this man to the world and it is also the second one , who we put to shame, and we conceal this. In every man exists something like this, how the internal discord and cohesionless. Everyone would like to be good, and only makes acts, which he often does not understand alone.
Why is it so? Therefore, that man is not God, it is not also an angel, nor a superhuman, and only a small pilgrim in long, far road of his life. His own weaknesses make him incritical and gentle in relation to others. Someone, who is uncritical in the face of himself , he will be hard and incapable to understand in others. He will not be able to comfort anybody, to add a courage and to forgive. Happiness and friendship are there where men are sensitive, gentle and soft in words, and in mutually contacts. โ€” Phil Bosmans

Phil Bosmans is the Flemish Catholic priest, a monk of Monfortaners. For over forty years he's lived in a small monastery in Kontich near Antwerp. His optimistic prescriptions on life, creating in form of aphorisms or poems,it is a result of the deep belief, of the own experience and the understanding in the suffering , poorest and lonely men. In his poem he says that:

"I will not stay on this world eternally"

I will not stay on this world eternally.
Between eternity and my birth,
and the eternity after my death
I have the measured time of stopping exactly
on our small planet.
My time.
I can not withdraw it , nor prolong also.
My time is settled pitilessly.
And so what? It can say one with whole certainty :
It mustn't be sad,It should stay on the sunny side,
and let the time runs with its rhythm.
It is well to delight with the light, love ,
men and beautiful events.
To these who did not find the sunny place of stopping
to beautify the day.
Let my time will not be a street of
fast movement between a cradle and a grave,
treat the place of stopping will be in the sun.
Life can be hard,terrible hard.
Life be able to be heavy,terrible heavy.
there are moments , when you feel this
in the deepest layers of your soul.
In such painful moments
every man looks for a consolation.
It without a support and consolation
it isn't impossible to live.

I'm agreeing with him that nobody can live and stay on this world eternally.
so we should live and behave like this our life was only one moment and we can't take anything to our graves.It is impossible and we should live don't to harm others.

Have heart and look with your heart.


32 thoughts on “THE GOLDEN THOUGHT

  1. WElcome Coisasdemim.I didn't hear you so long.Where were you?I live down between people where tears and pain are very often.I don't see happy people there so sad poems are normal to me and I very often have got sad thoughts and soul too.For that I can't sleep well too and very often I cry at night too.Life isn't a fairy tale and it is very often very hard so sad poems are very close to my heart.But thank you that you visited and gave your comment.Have a nice time and good luck.:)

  2. My friend we need new tears, a new painwe need new doubts, new lies… to face illusions, stop walking through the imaginary lightswe need new explications, new reasons…we need new feelings!-This is man…

  3. Noramaj, Part of your blog has a Jewish theme to it. In Judaism we believe that all Jews are born with two souls. One governs the spirtiual life that we try to lead everyday and the other soul tries to get us to do bad things. Are you Jewish? I wish there were something I could do about your tears. Chezgear :angel:

  4. No.I'm not a Jewish. I'm Polish in full of the meaning. But this Gold thought is written by Flemish Phil Bosmans.He has written many of wise aphorisms or poems,it is a result of the deep his belief, of the own experience and the understanding in the suffering , poorest and lonely people.I agree with many of his considerations..

  5. -keepin' that thought in my mind… …I like how you can express your self… and this talent of yourยดs make you unique.Well express words are the key to a woman's heart.Powerful words are like a weapon…It is a special gift too,handle that talent.Thanks, I feel blessed having you as a friend!

  6. Thank you a lot for your very kind comment.I'm a week woman so only my wards can be my weapon.ASnd I think if people use more wards to commonicate maybe there weren't so many wars,terrorist attack and violence too and the human wouldn't kill the other human.But it's different.Have a nice day.:) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. I like your humble attitude and your World concern too…Maby one day people like you give to this Planet descendants that will bring to light the finally and last human new conscience!

  8. I know that I won't live etarnal and this planet only doesn't belong to me and I have never use the rule that after me even if and the flood.The planet belong to everyone and all of us should protect it and its beauty.We are only a time guests on it. Meanwhile if think about animals so they are the beings like we and they feel pain like we too.,They suffer like we too and we can't kill them for the joy and in the very cruel way many times.We lose the humanity then..Maybe I'm ubnormal and not created on present times.I don't know but my feelings and opinions are like they are.I'm sorry I can't be different.Good night.:)

  9. Don't be??? What do you mean?:) :up:Hi.Pramodpp. . Thank you for your visiting and your ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ comment.

  10. Hi.How are you? Yes,:) You 're right but you should keep trying to keep the balance.I'm sorry I was very busy and for some time I didn't have an Internet too.Have nice ti8me.

  11. You are right Coisasdemim so love is needed. Thank you for you good comment ,amota.I love poems so on my blog there are some poems.:)

  12. Just know that every word have the ability to produce after its kind. And every word will produce its own kind by this process "word,thought,decision,action,habit,charater and destination. So For you to be free know what is youq word. Well it is a good write up poem

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