PANE POPPY-SEED CAKE for Christmas fot. The T. Majewski[/B]

Preparation: about. 30 min.
Baking: 50-60 min.

Difficulty: easy

-4 eggs
-2,5 glass of cake flour
• -2 teaspoons of powder to baking
-5 spoons of milk
-a glass of sugar

-the block of butter (200 g)
-vanilla sugar
– a tin of poppyseed's Bakalland
-2 bars of white chocolate
-1/3glass of. cream of cream cake
-the glass of cognac or the rum
-handful chopped,different nuts'

Stages of preparation:
To grate sugar with eggs with , until they will be super fluffy, to add butter (not dissolved, but in the whole) to mix with mixer, to add flour mixed from powder to baking well. To pour milk, if it likes oneself , then it can add aromatic oil. To mix well, it won't be any lumps.
To lie out on tinplate2. Cake and to arrange on it poppy seed. To pour with vanilla sugar . Stove in temp. 180-185 degrees C.. by 50-60 min. the Banks of cake should be ruddy. don't bake by termorunning funktion!!! Normally, up – down
3. Glaze: To break chocolate, to flood with cream and to dissolve on small fire. When liquid chocolate is already, to take off, to mix with liquor, to pour on cooled cake and to dress with nuts.
4. to Put cake away in a cool place on an hour, to congealed the chocolate .




  1. Hi.Coisasdemim.Thanks for your as usual good opinion.But I'm not artist.I'm usual but like doing different things.You weren't so long.I thought that you forgot about me.Maybe you do want to try a piece of this cake?:coffee: :wine:

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