We have got the calendar Autumn yet ,

But Winter came suddenly at night,
Sprinkling with the snow around,
She covered all with the white
down of snow quickly,
every shrub,every tree,
every house and street,
only sad crows are sitting curled up
of cold and hunger can't find
any food and
hard time came for them.
Other birds already flew away a long ago.
It isn't hearing their singing.

The silence is so great around
that it is hearing only falling
the petals of snow idly.
The fabulous view is particularly at night,
It is emptiness around ,
dark windows,all sleep,
and I do not sleep,
I'm waching the falling petals of the snow
covering with the snow caps silently
the shrubs under my window,

there is no trace after sad autumn,
she went away so suddenly how she came through forests and fields
crying with rainy tears
no looking backwards
even herself ,retreating the place
her cold icily sister -Winter,
and she with the wind together
run covering with the white down
all the grey sad places which were
left by crying with rain drops Autumn.

by E.M. Translated by E.M. too.
22.November 2008

If you are watching these cold winter

and feeling cold you alwayscan warm up

yourself in front of this fireplace.


29 thoughts on “FIRST ATTACK OF WINTER

  1. Laudable good work photographic my friend, is to be congratulated…!I donΒ΄t know why, but it seems that time is very bad…:)

  2. THank you very much for your opinion.I took some photos at night because I 've never slept at night and some during the day. I will insert more photos of winter in an album about it this night.I invite you to see it too.The several hundred of houses in two towns is without current of the reason of large falls of snow. The specialist teams removed breakdowns today.70 persons worked by this.So I like winter for a moment like this night and the day but it makes a lot of difficulties of so suddenly coming winter.A lot of people were surprised with the problems on the roads.And there's first victim of freezing today.45 years old man not far from his house.For many people it is a bad time.

  3. wonderful photos, like it very much, may be many people it is realy bad time, but as a person like me it seems to be nice.thank u nora 4 ur wonerful photos.

  4. The winter has come sooner in this year, hasnt it? Your poem is cute. It's easy to understand. You express your poem like a picture.

  5. Thank you very much for your all good comments.You all are very kind.Thank you again.Best wishes.:heart: :)Yes,kidkenshin – you are right.The winter came very early and suddnely making a lot of problems.Three days,thousands of houses are without current,some people already freezed,the roads closed by the snow.It isn't nice.It looks fabulous like in the Fairy Taile written by Christian Andersen – "THE QUEEN OF THE SNOW" – but it makes a lot of troubles in daily life too. Only the people like skiing and skating are happy and children when they can go on the sledges and make snowmen.That's all.

  6. Hi Nora:) Thank you for inviting me to your blog! It is so nice! You are right,I liked it a lot! Wonderful peactures,never knew that Poland can be so snow! But most of all I liked your style of writing! Your post is like a song:) I read it in one breath. Hi to all my friends I see here:)

  7. Thank you conisasdemim.You are as usual nice.If you are feeling cold you can warm up by the fireplace.It is above.Hi. welcome you yulenka and thank you for visiting my blog and for your so ethusiatic comment.I like it and I like you too.Now we can dance.Yes , In POland are such winters and so much snow like in Russia.We are nearly neighbours so it must be the same.Is the snow now in Russia too?:) πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜† :yes: :yes: :wine: :wine:By such winter we can only drink wine to be warmed up.

  8. Yes Coisasdemim, we know with yulenka longer, and she is really cool. Thank you for good wards too.Yulenka,you always can visit my blog like me visit yours.Yours is fine too.What about this wine especialy by the fireplace when it is so much snow and cold too.?:wine: :wine: :wine: :wine: πŸ™‚

  9. -Thanks for the invitation, the kindness is present when the confidence reigns on the simple things of life…:heart:I see that you have a new good Friend,she is:cool:

  10. What a surprise…!You are a very talent young lady and i wish that you find the right "links" to your promising career…I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and the best New YEAR OF ALL …and thanks my friend for all your commitment at our OPERA WORLD !:ko:

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