First supplied documentary evidence mentions about TOPORZYSKO come from with XVI c, when the lively settled activity led the house of The Jordans. It is about 60 km.of Cracow and 1.4 km of Jordanów.During of the Austrian annexation this region was exceptionally poor and used by invader. The countryhouse with the court garden be comprised, came into being in XVIII as a terrace landscape garden about free arrangement, laid on the slope with the Divine Mother's stone figurine among trees.With the moment of explosion the II World War this place was occupied by Germans. In this time owner left to Great Britain.There are the XVIIth c. the granary, wooden manor of the same period, inn and " garden lounge", annexe as well as the horse gear. Different economic buildings stood along the road,on the western side of the garden. Trees' compact massif and the garden closed from this side of shrubs. Age of the majority trees' lets to suppose, that the park came into beginnings XIXc., the no matter how the block form the interior of the park lets to suppose, that they are then the traces of the Italian garden of XVIIIc.. At present, no except the Divine Mother's figurine there are no building objects. This place has got a lot of picturesque places for tourism cycling. .Here are some photos of this place. It is a perfect place for the horse riding and if you like fishing you will find a perfect place for fishing too
Jordanów is the oldest city of administrative of The Suski district. In 1564 the king Zygmunt August gave the privilege on the foundation of the city. Wawrzyniec Spytek Jordan from Zakliczyn was the founder of the city(1518-1568) and the city just descends its name of hisfounder’s surname.

Settlement was sytuated near the crossing of the routes: from Cracow and Wieliczka ( saline track) by Myślenice on Orava and Hungary as well as the route through the Valley Skava until to Silesia. In 1581 it , got right yearly fairs, which were very well-known in the south part of the Crown in XVII c. There was sold cattle there, canvas as well as salt. In 1939 r. neighbourhoods of Jordanów were the place of fights of the 10 Brigade of Cavalry as well as the local population with the German armies . The city became strongly destroyed during the the II World War and rebuilt after the war.
Jordanów at night.jpgClick on this link





  1. Thanks Nora for taking pains to provide information about this place. So nice of you :happy: . According tn the belief many "Rishi" have performed "YADNYA" , Sacred fire near this place. The very existance of these divine souls is experienced by Rozen Wizburg uhat is what she has written in the book. That may be one of the reasons one feel relaxed near the place. Thanks once again for the map and beautiful photographs. Aniruddha

  2. Nora , this page is copied from one of the members page of virtualtourist.comWiktoria's new Krakow Pageby Wiktoria – last update: Jan 19, 2006Send Photo to a FriendPPS (Project for Public Spaces) awarded Krakow's Old Town Market as the WORLD'S BEST SQUARE for 2005: TO KRAKOW!According to Hindu thinkers, one of the seven magic stones thrown by Lord Shiva landed in Krakow (Wawel Castle, specifically under the Cathedral). So Krakow is a center of supernatural energy, so called "chakra." These "chakra" centers are related to celestial bodies. Krakow is Jupiter. Other "chakras" in the world are: Delphi (Venus), Delhi (Moon), Jerusalem (Sun), Mecca (Mercury), Rome (Mars) and Velehrad (Saturn). Actually, the scientists measured the energy on the Wawel Hill and indeed Wawel radiates stronger energy than any other known site in Poland (Monastery in Czestochowa comes as a far second).Krakow's importance was recognized when UNESCO first started its World Heritage list and incorporated Krakow that same year (Krakow is listed as one of UNESCO's 12 greatest historic cities of the world).

  3. Welcome you Aniruddha.I'm happy that I could tell about this place and thank you for explaining this chakram.So it would meen that this legend telling about connecting with India isn't so legend to the end.Yes .Cracow is the really magic City and for that it is listed on UNESCO's 12 greatest historic cities of the world.That's true.Have you ever been in Cracow.?If not so when you will have an occasion so you should visit this city and I think that you will never forget it.I'm preparing a post and some photos of Jordanów else too especialy for you if you will be able to know more about these places.Can I ask you where from you know these places.?Of course if it isn't a secret.I'm preparing the legend about The Mariacki Church and its Altar too.So when I will insert it ,I will send you a messege ok?.Have a nice day and best wishes.When I will find a little time today I will see this link which you send me too.Thank you for this information and link too.Best wishes.:up: 🙂 :up: :yes:

  4. Nora , nothing is secret between friends. Infact I was ltl surprised when I saw picture 6f an deity on your blog. More than that on very same day when I went to Mr. Vora's house to purchase some goods to perform =AGNIHOTRA= AN SACRED FIRE HE HIMSELF GAVE ME A BOOK WRITTEN BY Rozen Wizburg . i have gathered from same book. Aniruddha

  5. Yes,I collected this information about these places for Kavishar.Because he asked me about these name if they are go on.So I checked and collected them and then I could find out an interesting things from Kavishar too.I didn't know them,I live too far from this place.I live at the Baltic Sea and these places are near the Tatry Mountains in the South of Poland.Thank you for visiting me and Best wishes.:)

  6. Une poésie romantique très gentille au sujet de l'amour de manque d'accomplissement (je pense ainsi), ce portique de grincement rouillé sur le toit symbolisant un oiseau blessé qui couldn' ; mouche de t et ce quelqu'un qui couldn' ; amour de t davantage. Poésie mais triste très gentils. Je l'aime beaucoup. La poésie au sujet d'un grand amour. Qui l'a écrit ? Pouvez-vous me dire ? Si oui, merci. Les meilleurs voeux.A very nice romantic poem about non – fulfilment(I think so)love,this rusty creaking gantry on the roof symbolising a wounded bird which couldn't fly and this someone who couldn't love more.Very nice poem but sad.I like it very much.The poem about a large love.Who wrote it?Can you tell me? If so ,thank you.Best wishes.I think the friendship is safer than something more and I think that you can make friendship with women too.Je pense que l'amitié est plus sûre que quelque chose plus et moi pensent que vous pouvez faire l'amitié avec des femmes aussi.I can make friendship with women. For me, l' friendship is another thing. " Something " is a dream of poetry.Для меня, приятельство другая вещь. " Что-то " сновидение поэзии

  7. HI.chezgear.I thank you for your comment.Welcome you.:) :p Hello! Zetorres..No, I don't live near Gdańsk.I live near Kołobrzeg.I like Kołobrzeg very much and the sea too.This is the health resort and touristic city with a lot of attractions for the tourists especially in the summer.You can come there on your holiday and you won't regret.:yes: :up:

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